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Benefits of Method Grid:

Deliver services more consistently

One of the biggest challenges of team-based delivery is ensuring that all your team members are working to a common standard. Building a reputation for excellence involves, first and foremost, delivering services to a consistent quality. Method Grid provides this easy-to-use, continuously-improving, centralised point of reference.

Effective staff induction

Growing an organization involves efficiently inducting new team members in to your unique way of working. Method Grid expedites the time it takes for new colleagues to become meaningfully contributive. For professional service firms, this means speeding up the time from hire to revenue-generation. Ongoing professional development programmes can be easily structured around your developed grids.

Enhance productivity

To enhance productivity, firms need to work smarter. The increase in remote working has led to an increase in the need for on-demand information. That’s where Method Grid comes in; providing a central place for firms to build, share and continuously-improve their operating procedures in a collaborative environment, available anytime, anywhere.

Knowledge-based colaboration

Method Grid has been designed not just as a platform for building methodology but also for facilitating best-practice knowledge-management in your organization. With “expert tagging”, a user can quickly locate colleagues best placed to answer any related queries they have.

Build value in your intellectual property

For all the reasons above, firms with developed intellectual property (IP) of this nature are, quite simply, worth more. Even if such external valuation is not relevant to you, with a Method Grid platform in place you will have enabled the incremental growth of your IP capital as an everyday, whole-firm endeavour.

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Grids - Make the complex simple


Methodologies can be quickly frame-worked and easily refined - enabling the continuous, collaborative development of even very-complex procedures

Grids can intuitively present multiple types of staff resource - methodologies, operating procedures, lesson module libraries etc.

Easy-to-use grid builder - you can have your first grid up and running in minutes

Flexible, feature-rich grid elements

Element areas

Create unique elements using a diverse range of content areas: text, internal and external links, documents, experts, images and videos

Element linking

Simple linking system lets you connect your grid elements together within and across grids

Element experts

Easily link team members to your grid elements to enable knowledge-based collaboration

Element templates

Ability to develop bespoke element templates – facilitating fast methodology development and the consistent presentation of information in your grids

Customizable labelling and filtering

Label your grids for easy visual categorisation and filtering - create a bespoke system that fits your organization

Easy to use grid-specific, element-labelling system - bringing another rich, visual dimension to methodologies

Expert-tagging to facilitate knowledge-based collaboration

Tag expertise at the most granular level of your methodologies - users can find colleague-experts fast

Facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing across your entire organization

Control membership levels across three classes: architects, builders and users

Fully customizable team member profiles

Central library - easily manage all your
methods and procedures

Easily share links to grids with your team

Simple grid duplication - create new Method Grids from existing methods and procedures

Data and intellectual property security

Built on rock solid web technology including SQL, PHP and JS; Method Grid has security and data integrity at its core.

We partner with quality infrastructure partners to ensure 100% availability, solid security features and reliable content backups.

We seek always to operate within the (seven) principles of the International Safe Harbour Privacy Principles.

All your files and documents are kept in a non-publicly accessible directory and can only be accessed by the registered users in your organization.

Areas of our site that collect your information use industry standard secure socket layer encryption (SSL/TLS); the connection to our site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM). Any backups we take are also encrypted using GPG.

You can download your developed content at any time using our export function.

Please contact us to talk through any other data security related requirements.

Matt Jenkins

Method Grid has been a real game changer for us at Footdown. For years we struggled to find a common way of keeping everyone on the same page, following a process and ensuring all information was in the right place and easy to update. Method Grid has taken all that pain away and better still within as little as a couple of hours we had our first grids built, our data in it and people actively using it. Its simplicity makes it a must have for any business these days, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Matt Jenkins
Head of Consulting, Footdown

Wendy Charlton

We have found Method Grid to be an invaluable tool in the development of our internal Plan of Work. It has really helped to formulate and order our thoughts into a usable and easily accessible structure.

Wendy Charlton
Operations Director, RCKa (Architects)

Steve Morrissey

We recently introduced a new advisory service to our clients. Method Grid enabled us to develop the detail, train up the Pi team in how to deliver it and - most importantly - to show it off to prospective new clients. With this platform, we have moved from concept to first paid engagements in no time.

Steve Morrissey
MD, The Pi Group

Mike Hampson

We have found Method Grid to be an excellent tool for documenting both client facing propositions and internal processes and procedures. The ease with which we can adapt a standard process to create a bespoke client solution enabled us to clearly communicate our innovative Managed Bench resourcing service for change management organizations and close a major new client.

Mike Hampson
MD, Bishopsgate Financial

Paul Wilson

Provelio is a strategic project management consultancy providing expert services to the public and private sectors since 2002. Method Grid is the perfect tool for capturing our vast range of practical and theoretical knowledge built up over these years. It is simple to use - so absolutely intuitive. It has enabled us to quickly develop a central home for our methodologies - such that we can easily demonstrate our resources to prospective clients and then design adapted, bespoke solutions for their unique needs.

Paul Wilson
MD, Provelio

Professor Dimo Dimov

I research and teach the entrepreneurial journey, from initial idea to viable venture. Having been involved in the early beta testing of Method Grid, I can see its value both as an innovative, creative tool to help firms scale but also as a unique platform for an academic faculty. I am now using it to capture all of our disparate knowledge and educational resources in a single, structured location to help design and deliver learning experiences. I am also excited to see how it can be used as a powerful knowledge sharing tool - joining up collaborators across organizations. My next project!

Professor Dimo Dimov
Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bath School of Management BSc, MBA, PhD

Tim Phillips

At Gate One, we combine the advisory and delivery skills of our talented consultants with hard-fought transformation know-how to deliver lasting change that counts. A key differentiator is how well we capture, distil and enact the lessons of the past for the benefit of our clients.

We have previously used cloud based knowledge systems to address the challenges of staying connected as we rapidly grow, but have found that these tools seem to introduce unwanted grit into what needs to be an effortless process. Method Grid is very different. The simple constraint of Method Grid’s stage / theme grid combined with the intuitive user interface make it child’s play for our time poor consultants to crystalise insightful methods that are easily shared and understood across the team and with clients. I particularly like the links to subject matter experts. This recognises the fact that knowledge management still relies heavily on people being connected.

In the area of IP, I see Method Grid as a game-changer. It provides us with a step change in the value we can add for our clients and it is also a differentiator in the sales process.

Tim Phillips
MD, Gate One