Staff Induction Process

Lauren Rath from the Pi Group describes their detailed, twelve-week staff induction process, built in Method Grid

As explained in the opening post, in this series we seek to bring to life the various innovative ways in which Method Grid is being used. In this article Lauren Rath from the Pi Group describes their detailed, twelve-week staff induction process, built in Method Grid.

In this inaugural interview, Dom speaks to Lauren Rath, the Pi Group’s Director of People & Culture. The Pi Group is a recruitment and talent advisory business that specialises in the consumer goods sector. They have offices in New York and Connecticut with eyes, matching their ambition and fast-growth, to open a European office in the next year also.

This conversation explores one use, among many, that Pi are putting the platform to. Lauren describes the Pi Group’s detailed, twelve-week staff induction programme, built in Method Grid, and how she uses a grid cloning procedure, and bespoke labelling, to track all new staff joiners through this journey. Of note to other HR leads is the point Lauren makes with respect to the the demonstration of this IP to prospective hires – impressed as they are with the importance the company manifestly places into professional development. In this regard, for Lauren and the Pi Group, the tool has played an important role in growing their team to plan, attracting great hires into the firm and delivering on the promise of structured training.

Lauren also gives her perspective on how to best get Method Grid up-and-running and adopted by the whole team once an initial exploration phase has concluded – as well as some of her ideas for future enhancement.

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What next?

We will not be committing to any post frequency in this series – rather just a post every now and then when something really captures our eye. We have a few already lined up – but remember you have to invite us into your account for us to see what you are doing … so, if you have a Method Grid story you would like to tell, an innovative application of the product off of the norm … drop me a line. We would love to take a look and help you share it!

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In this interview, Dom references how well the Pi Group facilitated an exercise to develop their original company values. A full write-up on this can be found here.


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  1. Jane Court says:

    I found this overview from PI Group incredibly helpful as to how they have built their MethodGrid to support their induction process. Thank you 🙂

    1. Dom Moorhouse says:

      Thanks Jane. Appreciate the feedback. Glad you found it useful. More such blogs to follow.

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