Example Lesson Plan

As experienced Gridders quickly learn, grids can be used to capture a vast array of organizational knowledge – from structured methodologies and professional service propositions through to staff on-boarding and training programmes and everything in between. 

We are constantly amazed and impressed at the variety of intellectual property (and value!) that is created. 

One such use case – that this blog focuses on – is that of the structured training library concept. 

To support such grids, we have now added another example element template to your element template library (see Resources > Element templates): Example Lesson Plan Template.

This template represents the best practice capture of a lesson plan, or a module within such a structured training syllabus. Of course, you can modify this template further (e.g. to add specific media examples – video record of perfect lesson?) but this template serves as a great starting point.

lesson plan template image 01

New lesson plan element template available


Where are we seeing lesson plan templates being used?

There are two primary types of organizations deploying this type of grid. 

Firstly, there are a number of academic users; for example, University business schools. We observe this type of user building out master grids containing all possible lesson module options (often in grids that use the stage/theme logic to denote the different types of lesson module e.g. presented by subject area and competence/level categorization). This (superset) master repository can then be quickly cloned-and-tailored to create a (subset) training syllabus for a specific course delivery.

Secondly, in corporate settings, we observe a number of businesses who offer training or workshop type offerings to their end-clients. In this scenario, the firm’s full inventory of module offerings is presented within a single grid and, most powerfully, used as a sales enabler (in addition to being a great resource for the expert trainers themselves). 

By example, a US-based high-performing team specialist uses Method Grid in prospect engagement meetings (looks beautiful on the iPad) to co-create the actual design of a multi-day package with their prospect client. Their master grid contains all potential module options (colour coded with a must-do through to nice-to-do logic) and their elements show off past delivery (e.g. embedded videos of high-performing team exercises in actions). This allows them to show-off their expertise and to involve prospect clients in the bespoke co-creation of the specific package they require (easily facilitated in live conversation).

lesson plan template image 02

Illustrative use of new lesson plan template – as deployed by expert capability-development firm

Ultimately, indeed, such client-tailored grid instances can be shared with the end-client as a leave-behind resource post actual delivery (with access locked down to just this grid – see our access control feature that enables this). 

Hopefully, some food for thought if either of these applications is relevant to your own services?

lesson plan template image 03

What next?

We will not be committing to any post frequency in this series – rather just a post every now and then when something really captures our eye. We have a few already lined up – but remember you have to invite us into your account for us to see what you are doing … so, if you have a Method Grid story you would like to tell, an innovative application of the product off of the norm … drop me a line. We would love to take a look and help you share it!

Please just message in the comments below or via our contact form or Twitter.


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