Element Improvements

Element improvements

We are constantly improving the Method Grid experience, and this time we have focused on elements and the content areas you can use within them. 

This work involved the complete refactoring of elements and content areas, bringing significant improvements to the way you work with elements and their performance.

Key improvements

  • Improved speed across the Method Grid application
  • Improved speed and response when opening elements to view the content or edit them
  • Improved element caching which will improve opening and editing speed even further
  • Improved content area moving, making it easier to move content areas around within your elements
  • Improved locking and saving of your elements
  • Live updating of element content following changes


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will shortly be adding additional security in the form of two-factor authentication. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.



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