Grid Tool Shortcuts & UI Improvements

Grid tool shortcuts

In our latest release, we have added shortcuts to the primary grid views and tools, and made some improvements to the grid UI (user interface).

These UI changes in the grid serve to split out the grid tools and views (task log, grid information and activity log) from the grid actions (commenting, filtering etc.). This gives you quicker access to the key tools and views within a grid and a clear definition between tools and actions.

Grid Views/Tools

You can now quickly access grid tools and views:

Grid tools overview

  1. Opens the grid information (previously this was in the action buttons)
  2. Opens the grid task log (previously accessed via the grid information action button)
  3. Opens the grid activity log (previously accessed via the grid information action button)

Each of these tools can also be access within their UI so you can easily switch between them.

Grid information

The grid information contains everything you need to know about this grid including; it’s folder location, name and description, who it is assigned to, it’s due date, it’s completion status, the completion progress of completable elements and tasks, the grid’s labels and settings.

Grid task log

The grid task log summarises all the tasks in the grid in a table. This table can be filtered and sorted by column so you can work with tasks across the entire grid (both element and stage gate tasks) in one simple tool. You can also bulk assign and schedule tasks in the task log. You can learn more about log views here.

Task log

Grid activity log

The grid activity log shows all activity within the grid. Activities are split by categories such as view, edit, delete etc. This table can be filtered and sorted by column so you review all the activity within your grid. You can learn more about activity logs here.

Activity log

UI Improvements

We have also made some UI changes to the order of the grid action buttons and we have moved the grid overall progress indicators from the top of the task log into the grid information tool.

Alongside these UI changes we have also improved the grid and stage gate layouts on mobile devices.

Grid information


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be rolling out similar UI changes within elements and stage gates in order to unify the UI across the application. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.

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