Improved @mentioning in Comments

Comment Mention Improvements

In our latest release we have improved the way @mentions work in the Method Grid commenting system.

In Method Grid you can comment on:

  • Grids (projects, methodologies, processes etc.)
  • Elements (knowledge and work packages within your grids)
  • Tasks (specific tasks within your elements)

When adding comments you can mention specific members of your Method Grid account using @mentions. When you @mention members they receive a notification of your comment in:

How to use @mentions

The new and improved @mention functionality lets you view a full list of members to mention which you can then search to narrow down as required. You can also now select multiple members at once which greatly increases the speed at which you can mention several of your team.

Comment Mentions Full Member List

To mention your team members in your comments:

  • Type @ and a full list of members will appear
  • You can then scroll up and down this list and click on the members you want to mention (TOP TIP: you can now select more than one member at once by clicking on each required member in turn within this list)
  • To narrow down the list to specific members, simply type @ followed by the first letters of their first name e.g. to search for Michal you type @mi and the list will display all the members matching ‘mi’
  • To remove an @mention you simply use the delete or backspace keys on your keyboard to delete the @mention

TOP TIP: you can also use your keyboard to navigate the member list. Use the up/down arrows to move up/down the list and use the enter key to select a member from the list.

Comment Mentions Search Member List

You can learn more about commenting in Method Grid in our knowledge base here.

Stay in touch

If you have any feedback on this feature, or any feedback on Method Grid in general, please get in touch on our community or by emailing

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