Improved Video Embedding

With our latest release, you can now embed private as well as public videos within your content.

When adding video content areas to your elements or stage gates, you now have two ways in which you can embed your videos. As before, you can enter the URL of a public video and Method Grid will do the rest for you and embed the video automatically using oEmbed. You can now also copy/paste the embed code provided by any video hosting platform in order to embed private/gated videos within your content.

Private Videos

For videos that are private and require login authentication to view, you can now copy/paste the embed code (usually provided in the share options of your video hosting platform) into the Method Grid video area.

Add new video

Video embed code


These videos are then available to users logged in to your video platform or they will display a login prompt if the user is not currently logged in to your video platform.

Video login prompt

You can use this method of adding videos for private videos on popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can also embed videos from SharePoint (Stream) and other video/media hosting platforms.

As a security measure, the only domains from which you can paste embed codes are those that you have specifically allowed in your allowed domains list. Architect users can manage your allowed domains list in your account settings.

Note: You will need to proactively add the domains you want to allow to this list. If a user attempts to submit embed code from a domain that is not on this list, they will see an error message explaining why it has been rejected and inviting them to add the domain to the allowed domains list or to contact their account Architect to do this.

Allowed video embed domains

Public Videos

Public videos that support oEmbed will work as before. To embed a public video you simply copy the URL of the video from your browser’s address bar and paste this into the videos area. Method Grid will then attempt to fetch the embed code for you. If it is unable to do this, you can now simply copy/paste the embed code provided by the video platform instead (in the same way as a private video detailed above).

A new public video using the URL

Editing Videos

To edit an existing video, simply click the edit icon next to the relevant video and follow the same process as adding a video i.e. paste in either the video’s URL (public video) or the video’s embed code (private video).

Edit a video

You can also delete videos by clicking the delete icon and change the order of the videos within the video area, by clicking and dragging the move icon.


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will shortly be adding additional security in the form of two-factor authentication. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.

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