Localisation Settings

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In our latest release, we have improved the localisation options at the account level and the individual member level.

At both the account and member levels, you can set the timezone and the preferred date format.

Account date and time settings

Account's date and time settings

When setting up your account, you can set the following localisation options:

  • The account’s preferred date format e.g. dd mmm yyyy
  • The account’s timezone e.g. Europe/London

This sets the default date format used when displaying dates in your account and the timezone used by the app for all date scheduling.

New members added to your account will inherit these timezone and date format settings, members can then set their own preferred date format and timezone if required.

Your (member’s) date and time settings

Member's date and time settings

Each member of your account can also set the following localisation options:

  • Their preferred date format e.g. yyyy-mm-dd
  • Their timezone e.g. Europe/Madrid

This sets the default date format used when displaying dates for that member only. It also sets the timezone used by the app when sending the member’s daily summary email and when displaying activity based timestamps to that member e.g. in the activity log, the date a comment was posted and the date of notifications. If the timezone used for these differs from the account’s timezone, the timezone being used is indicated (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The member’s timezone is NOT used when calculating and displaying scheduling dates such as start and end dates, scheduling is always based on the account’s timezone. 

Grid activity log showing the member's timezone

How is each timezone setting used?

Account timezone

The account’s timezone is used for all scheduling dates within your account i.e. if your account’s timezone is set to Europe/London then this locale will be used when calculating and displaying all scheduling dates within Method Grid e.g. start dates, end dates, constraint dates, completion dates, sign off dates etc.

Member timezone

The member’s timezone is used by the app when:

  • Displaying activity based timestamps to that member e.g. in the activity log, the date a comment was posted and the date of notifications
  • Sending that member’s daily summary email, this will be sent at 7am in the member’s chosen timezone


If you have any feedback or questions relating to this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be adding configurable work calendars for scheduling. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.

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