More Element Labels & Improved Information

More element labels

In our latest release we have increased the number of element labels available from 10 to 100 and updated the element information panel.

If you have ever found yourself wishing you had a few more element labels available in your grid, rejoice, for the time has come! Alongside this increase in labels, we have also revamped the element information panel and there’s a new quick way to access this information from the grid view (previously you had to open the element to access this information panel).

100 Element Labels

To use your new labels, simply toggle your grid into edit mode and click the labels button. You will see your existing 10 labels (there is no change to these) and now more will load below these as you need them. Each of the 90 new labels will be set to a default black colour which you can then change as required. As before, when you clone your grid, all the labels, their names and the colours you have set will be cloned as well, giving you an instant, project ready grid.

More element labels

When your grid is in view mode, the only labels that appear in the label key (the same labels button) are those to which you have assigned a name. Any labels that are not named are still available to use, but are not shown in view mode as they have no corresponding name to show until you add one.

More element labels in view mode

Improved Element Information

Each element has an information panel in which you can view its key details, its task log and its activity log. We have updated the key information available:

New element info panel

From the top you can now view:

  • The full element title
  • The stage the element is in
  • The theme the element is in
  • The team member assigned to the element
  • The element due date
  • The element completion date
  • A shareable link to the element, click the button to instantly copy this your clipboard
  • Any display rules that apply to the element i.e. is it overdue, is a task overdue, is it complete
  • The element’s primary label
  • Any secondary labels assigned to the element
  • Element settings to switch the element to information only

The action buttons at the top also give you access to the following:

  • The task log for the element in which you can filter tasks, complete tasks, bulk assign tasks and bulk schedule tasks
  • The activity log for that element in which you can review all activity on that element
  • Toggle the information panel into full screen mode, which is useful when working in the task and activity logs

Quick Access to Element Information

It is now quicker to access this element information panel. In the grid, simply hover your cursor over the required element and click the information button that appears (on touch devices the information button is always available). The information panel for that element will now open over the grid and you can view the element information, work with the task log and view the activity log.

New element info hover button


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch on our community or by emailing [email protected].

What’s next?

We are now working on a grid display filter. This will give you a new tool to filter the elements you see when viewing a grid. For example, you might want to only view the elements labelled X, Y and Z or see all the elements assigned to you. In fact, this filter will give you an unlimited number of filtering options which you can apply to the grid and then save as bookmarks to use later and to share with your team. You can learn more and provide feedback on this new feature here.



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