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NEW FEATURE: Add image and video content areas to elements

Add image and video content areas to elements

We're happy to announce another new exciting feature to your Method Grid platform

You are now able to add image and video content areas to your elements. In EDIT mode, simply open up an element – or – click “Add element +”. Then, within the element builder window, click on the “Add new content areas” action button (“+”). You will see that we have now added image and videos to the options. For now, video links are limited to YouTube but we will add further players in the future.

Thanks to everyone who asked for this feature. It is a brilliant way to bring grids to life – think short video introductions to elements, training programme clips, process illustrations etc.

See the short video below for a 60s demonstration.

Coming next …

We are now very close to the v3 (public) beta launch – which will include the reveal of our completely new website (describing Method Grid features, testimonials, early thoughts on future pricing etc). We will “soft launch” this ahead of any promotion such that our (private) beta community can provide feedback, spot any final bugs etc. Watch this space.

Please keep all feedback and ideas for future improvements/enhancements coming!

Is there a feature you would love to see us add to our development stack? If so, please let us know in the comments below or contact us here.

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