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New feature: In-app notifications

NEW FEATURE: In-app notifications

Now that we are out of beta, with a full-time development team, expect to see the cadence of feature update releases go up a considerable notch. We are steadily working through a stack of excellent ideas for Method Grid enhancement: all based on suggestions from our awesome user community. On this front, if there is something you would like to see in the platform, something that would help make you more successful in your use of it then please shout the idea in!

In this release, we are bringing you in-app notifications and a whole host of UX improvement.

Let’s take each in turn.

Now when you log in, you will see a notifications icon (bell) to the left of your profile picture. This will indicate whether you have any notifications and how many >

Clicking on the icon will reveal a notification dropdown >

Method Grid notifications are triggered as a result of a number of events:

  • System generated notification e.g. your billing credit card is about to expire
  • New feature update or Method Grid news
  • New grid added
  • New element added
  • New template added
  • New comment added (to a grid, element or template; coming next will be the ability to @name tag colleagues in such comments)
  • New member added

Unless your architects have disallowed, by default, you can personalise which (activity-based) notifications you wish to receive. This is done via “Notification settings” found under your user profile menu >

As well as this new feature, you will notice a host of UX updates addressing issues that had been niggling us all for a while. For example:

  • The grid action button bar is now fixed at the top of your screen (to save up/down scrolling)
  • The builder action buttons are now separately coloured (blue) to delineate them from the standard user action buttons (red)
  • When you add an element to a grid, you are returned to the same place (cf. going back to the top each time).

So, another step forward. In a future post we will share with you the (current) picture of our prioritised new-feature-request stack – to get a sense of what enhancements are coming next. For now, just know that Method Grid continues to grow via this user-driven dialogue.

Keep all those feedback messages coming folks!

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  1. Simon says:

    Good fixes, sounds like these will make it more user friendly. I look forward to future updates and seeing where MG gets to in the years to come.

    1. Dom Moorhouse says:

      Thanks for feedback Simon. Expect to see a real uptick in future releases now as we work our way through new features most requested.

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