NEW FEATURES: Interface Improvements

As heralded by our recent future-roadmap blog, with so many new (project management) features in development for the coming weeks and months (for example: assigning members to tasks, elements, stages, themes and grids; scheduling due dates; tasks and activity logs; dashboard reporting … to name a few), we wanted to make a few design changes that help lay the foundations for these new capabilities.

These improvements include >>

  • new dropdown design (improved neutral design)
  • new button colours (a single colour consistent across the app)
  • updated off-canvas design (improved neutral design)
  • repositioned buttons (consistency across the app)
  • some other improved design consistencies

Another reason for making these improvements is to provide a more neutral back drop for your brand colours –  if you are a Professional (paying) customer of Method Grid – you should now find that your identity is much more prominent against the soft greys.

Here are a few screenshots of the new look below, we hope you enjoy encountering them as you use Method Grid!




Next up for our fast-moving development team?

Our next short sprint includes these features >>

  • Add checklist progress bars to stage/theme headings
  • Improve collaborative editing – lock elements being edited by another editor to mitigate freak data loss

Please continue to keep the feedback and new feature ideas coming (there is nothing we like more).

Is there a feature you would love to see us add to our development stack? If so, please let us know in the comments below or email


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