New Stage Gates Dashboard

New Stage Gates Dashboard

In our latest release we have added a stage gates dashboard to your reporting tools and added new data to support stage gates in your tasks and grids dashboards.


Stage Gates Dashboard

All Enterprise accounts now have access to the new stage gates dashboard. This dashboard gives you an overview of all stage gates across your portfolio. It also includes all of the powerful filters available across all Method Grid dashboards, these let you build and bookmark the reports you need.

Stage Gates Dashboard Overview

New Stage Gates Data

This new dashboard includes all the data relevant to managing your stage gates across your portfolio, this includes:

Stage Gates Dashboard Columns


Shows the progress of your stage gates by reviewing the current outcome:

  • Pending (open)
  • On hold (open)
  • Conditional pass (complete)
  • Pass (complete)
  • Failed (complete)

A gate is only considered to be completed when it has the outcome of either conditional pass, pass or failed.

Assigned to/Signed off by

Shows the team member assigned to your stage gate (this is also the team member responsible for signing off such gates in your process).

Signed off date

The date the stage gate was signed off by the assignee.

Stage gate tasks % complete

If the stage gate contains tasks, this shows visually what percentage of those tasks are complete and indicates if any have been set to on hold.

Stage gate tasks RAG

If the stage gate contains tasks, this shows visually what percentage of those tasks have a RAG rating of none, red, amber and green.

Stage gate tasks RAG score

If the stage gate contains tasks that have been assigned a RAG rating of red, amber or green; we assign a RAG score. This is calculated by assigning a value of 1 to red, 0.5 to amber and 0 to green (tasks with no RAG rating are excluded), these scores are then totalled and divided by the number of tasks with a RAG rating of red, amber or green to give you the RAG score. This score is then displayed and given a RAG status of its own:

Up to 33 = green

34 to 66 = amber

67 to 100 = red

To fully utilise this RAG score, team members completing tasks within your stage gates should give each task they complete a RAG status to indicate how well that task has been met.


The stage this stage gate relates to (the stage immediately preceding this stage gate).

TOP TIP: To see a description of the data in a column, hover over the column heading.

Filtering and Bookmarking

Your new stage gates dashboard defaults to show you your open stage gates i.e. it is filtered to show stage gates assigned to you that have an outcome of pending or on hold. You can quickly switch between a number of standard default filter bookmarks by clicking the bookmark button:

  • My overdue stage gates
  • My open stage gates (default view)
  • My stage gates due this week
  • All overdue stage gates
  • All open stage gates
  • All stage gates due this week

You can also filter the dashboard to whatever reporting criteria you need using the filters on each column (like a spreadsheet). E.g. to see all the stage gates in a specific project grid I can filter to:

  • Assigned to – anyone
  • Grid – filtered to the grid name (in this case Project X)
  • Outcome – select all outcomes

Once you have created a filter that you will need to use often, you can bookmark that filter by clicking the + button top right and naming your filter. To see that filtered dashboard again, just click on the bookmarks button and select the required filter to view it.

Stage Gates Dashboard Filtering

Tasks Dashboard – New Data

Enterprise accounts now also have two new data columns in their tasks dashboard.


Allows the filtering of tasks by the type of task. This can be element tasks, stage gate tasks or both. This allows users to build filtered dashboards showing either their stage gate or element tasks.

Tasks Type Filter

Stage gate

This is the title of your stage gates. This filter can be used to filter the tasks shown by specific stage gates.

Stage Gate Filter

Grids Dashboard – New Data

Enterprise accounts now also have one new data column in their grids dashboard.

Stage gates % complete

If the grid contains stage gates, this indicates visually what percentage of those stage gates are complete.

Grids dashboard showing stage gates progress


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be releasing a number of new features over the coming months which integrate stage gates further into Method Grid. This will include adding stage gate data to your custom dashboards. If you have any thoughts on this, please get in touch.


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