Notifications revamp

In accordance with the sprint schedule outlined in our previous development roadmap blog post, the Method Grid dev team are hard at work keeping everything well on track. The notifications revamp is another foundational piece in support of our overarching project management toolbox.

This new set of features has been designed in very close conversation with our cherished user community – we listen closely to ideas and feedback at every opportunity – and notifications were something that often cropped up as a hot topic.

With the introduction of member assignment (to elements and tasks now live – grids, stages and themes coming soon!) and the forthcoming due date scheduling, notifications help alert members as to their ‘to do’ lists.

Revisiting the notification logic provided a great opportunity to revamp how all of Method Grid’s notifications work (and to reassess what activities it made sense to provide a notification for).

With this release, an architect can decide whether to give members control of their own individual notification settings, or to configure them at an organisation level – applicable to all. For emails, you can decide to have instant notifications, a daily summary, or no notifications at all; the choice is yours. In-app notification is always instant and cannot be changed (as this is non-intrusive). Following this release, email notifications are now sent for the following activities:

    1. Comments @mentions only – instant (default, can be changed)
    2. Member assigned to a task – fixed (daily summary and instant – cannot be changed)
    3. Member assigned to an element – fixed (daily summary and instant – cannot be changed)
    4. Member given access to a grid – daily summary (default, can be changed)
    5. Member given access to a folder – daily summary (default, can be changed)
    6. Member added to a group – daily summary (default, can be changed)

All other notifications have been removed (new grid added, new member added, new template added) as they were generally perceived as unnecessary.

The daily summary email is sent at 7am each morning and relays the above activity for the previous 24 hours. Each member can now set their own timezone to allow for international usage.

A member’s notifications settings page

Next up for our fast-moving development team?

We now have the ability to assign a member to a task and – so – our next sprint is going to bring in phase 1 of Task Logs.  We are aiming to release this on the 24th January 2020. Task Logs are essentially handy tables detailing all tasks (e.g. folder name, grid name, task detail, task owner, task status etc.) and this first iteration will develop them in the context of:

  • Element view – showing all tasks associated with an element
  • Grid view – showing all constituent tasks (within all the grid’s elements)

These logs will come with an expanded (full page) view and the ability to send to print or file export (csv file).

Please continue to keep the feedback and new feature ideas coming (there is nothing we like more).

Is there a feature you would love to see us add to our development stack? If so, please let us know in the comments below or email


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