Searching Read-only Grids

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If your account has access to our read-only grids feature, users of your public knowledge can now quickly and easily search all the content within the grid.

Note: Read-only grids are not available for all accounts, please contact us if you would like access to this feature.

What are read-only grids?

Accounts with access to the read-only grids feature can publish any grid in their account as a public link, users can then use this as a read-only knowledge resource. All the content in the grid is available, only the project delivery aspects are hidden/disabled e.g. task completion, scheduling, RAG, assignment etc.

As an example of this, you can view Network Rail’s read-only grid implementation here. This represents the complete digitalisation of the Network Rail PACE framework, you can learn more about this project here.

How to search read-only grids

The search within read-only grids works in the same way as the standard search within a standard Method Grid full featured account grid. Simply open the grid and click the search icon to begin:

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You can type your search into the search field and this will search across all the content types within the grid:

  • Elements – this searches the titles of the elements within the grid
  • Stage gates – this searches the titles of any stage gates within the grid
  • Tasks – this searches the titles of any tasks within the elements or stage gates
  • Content areas – this searches all the content within the elements or stage gates
  • Files – this searches the titles of any files or file links within the elements or stage gates

Filtering your search results

You can filter the search results you see by the content types above, this lets you drill into a specific content type e.g. you can just search for tasks or files etc.

Animated image showing search results being filtered using the show options

You can learn more about searching read-only grids here. Articles relating to the full featured Method Grid search can be found here.


If you have any feedback or questions relating to this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be adding configurable work calendars for scheduling. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.

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Searching Read-only Grids

Note: Read-only grids are not available for all accounts, please contact us if you would like access to this feature....

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