New Task Statuses & RAG Ratings

Task Status & RAG New Release

You can now apply a status of not started, in progress, on hold and complete to your tasks; plus you can assign a RAG rating of red, amber and green

In this latest feature release we have added task statuses and RAG ratings to your tasks. These are quick and easy to apply, providing a new level of task and project controls. Watch the video below to see an overview of this new feature or read on to learn the basics:


Task Status

Team members with view access can change the status of any task that is either unassigned or assigned to them. Members with edit or manage access can assign a status to any task.

Task Status & RAG Overview

A task can have a status of:

  • Not started (this is the default and all new tasks will be added with this status)
  • In progress
  • On hold (if any task in your element is on hold, this will set a notification icon on the element and task area progress bars)
  • Complete (ticking a task will automatically set it to the complete status)

Task Status & RAG Assign Status

If an element has any tasks set to a status of on hold, it will show an exclamation mark icon on your task progress bars.

Task Status & RAG Task On Hold

RAG Rating

Team members with view access can also change the RAG rating of any task that is either unassigned or assigned to them. Members with edit or manage access can assign a RAG rating to any task. A task can have a RAG rating of:

  • Green
  • Amber
  • Red
  • None (this is the default and all new tasks have no RAG rating set)

Task Status & RAG Assign RAG Rating

Tasks assigned to you are highlighted with a coloured border to make your to do quick and easy to identify.

Task Status & RAG Your Tasks

Task status and RAG ratings will shortly be available within your tasks dashboard and task logs. If you have any feedback on this feature, or any feedback on Method Grid in general, please get in touch on our community or by emailing


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