The Power of the Video Explainer and Microlearning

Using microlearning to reduce cognitive overload and provide an integrated learning experience.

People digest information in very different ways. They read, listen, watch and see content across their everyday lives. Why should the working day be any different? We have social media to blame, really. Millennials (and subsequent generations) are changing the way in which information is consumed and digested. Which brings us to the concept of microlearning.

Microlearning’ refers to people getting the information they need, when they need it, providing people with short term learning in short pieces of information.  Bringing bitesize visual representations of often complicated topics to life with rich, informative videos is a no-brainer – introducing the video explainer. These short videos make information more accessible. It caters to different types of learning across organisations and ultimately improves skill development and talent retention. 

Presenting videos at the right time in the learner’s journey is crucial – what you don’t want to do is confuse the learner or overburden them with information at the wrong point in their journey – this could be hugely detrimental to theirs (and your) learning outcomes.  

We are a time-poor society, pinching minutes from one task to give to another, or trying to process information ‘on-the-fly’. Finding time for extending courses or learning sessions can be challenging and often results in poor attendance or lack of attention. Videos are a quick, convenient way to learn, seamlessly fitting into busy schedules. Whether it’s during a coffee break, a commute, or between meetings, learners can watch a short video explainer and gain valuable insights in just a few minutes.  

Whilst we think that presenting all the information at once is the answer – making sure that all you want to convey is captured, there is a fine line being trodden – what you don’t want is to prompt cognitive overload. If a learner is presented with too much information too quickly, there is a danger that they will not process anything at all. This feeling of being overwhelmed is detrimental to their learning experience (i.e. they won’t learn anything!) but also to their mental well-being. Video explainers not only ‘break up’ written content to make it piecemeal, they also provide a cognitive break, having a ‘cup of tea’ for the brain so-to-speak.  

Accessibility is a consideration that all organisations should be focussing on, making sure that the knowledge and learning they are providing is inclusive and accessible to all. Videos support this requirement and although not the single solution, can form part of an integrated approach to becoming more learning inclusive.  

Microlearning and especially the use of video explainers are changing the way in which learners, learn. They are bringing in a new wave of short, well informed visual representations of complicated topics to provide a more accessible, approachable learning experience.  

The Method Grid Academy uses knowledge and the power of AI to create visually engaging, bespoke video explainers for organisations that can be integrated into delivery to provide learning when it’s needed. Method Grid have achieved this with PACE Digital – have a look at this to see the power of embedding video content into a dynamic digital playbook. 

Example Video Explainer


You can access the PACE Digital Read-Only grid here.


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