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Procurement Excellence | Procura

The User

Procura are specialists in procurement cost reduction. They support their end clients, from a wide range of industry sectors, to improve operational performance, reduce costs and increase profitability. Founded in 2015 by Richard McIntosh, it has grown quickly into an internationally recognised practice with nearly thirty specialist consultants and offices in London and New York. They offer a range of procurement cost reduction services with a primary focus on helping clients identify savings (opportunity assessment methodology) and then to deliver these savings (cost reduction methodology).

Their Challenge

From the outset, the management team realised that a core growth-challenge they faced was to ensure a common consistency of service delivery across the consulting delivery teams. This challenge was especially acute as the Procura team spend the vast majority of their time working closely with client-colleagues at the client location and, as such, are a geographically dislocated group most of the time. Even more so with the introduction of their US office in 2018.

With such a dynamic (growing team, rarely co-located), Richard recognised the need for “common, central service methods – that capture our years of experience in this field” to be codified and made collectively available. Essentially, Richard sought to deliberately invest in Procura’s core intellectual property and sought a solution that would enable this IP development and its subsequent availability to the growing team – as their delivery reference resource.

How Method Grid was used

In next to no time, Procura developed out their core service propositions onto Method Grid. Two key grids – rich with supporting templates, tools and resources – are now in place: Opportunity Assessment Grid (their methodology for supporting clients in the identification of savings) and the Cost Reduction Methodology Grid (their methodology for helping clients deliver these savings.

This Method Grid content has been used by the Procura team to illustrate the depth of their expertise and approach in proposals (for example, embedded screenshots of their methodology). Most importantly, however, it is the central reference platform by which Procura specialists deliver their services – in close collaboration with end-clients (who will often have shared access/sight of these grids).

The Benefits

Richard is clear about the key benefit of Method Grid for Procura: “for us … it is all about delivery consistency and delivery quality … that is what drives a better outcome for our clients … which in our line of work, translates into maximum savings for the end client.”

As a side note, it is noteworthy that this deliberate, focused investment in the company’s intellectual property begets their client delivery success. This invested success, in turn, has clearly contributed to Procura’s deserved reputation and growth.


Method Grid provides the perfect tool to manage our IP and enable our consulting teams to deliver consistent, high-quality work for our clients.

Thousands of organisations depend on Method Grid to manage and deliver their services