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Construction Site Shut Down Checklist & Procedure

An efficient way to document processes and checklists for closing down a construction site safely.
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Construction Site Shut Down Checklist

Construction Site Shut Down Checklist & Process

Construction managers have a duty of care to ensure that sites are left safe and secure when they are closed for extended periods. The duty of care of site managers extends to trespassers, as well as those authorized to be on the site. Therefore, a construction site shut down checklist and process is vital.

Using the unique features of the Method Grid platform we’ve created this example site shutdown procedure grid. This example provides a fully adaptable template to allow you to plan for and document actions you will take to close down a construction site thoroughly.

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Who might this construction site shut down checklist and process be useful for?

This example construction methodology is a must-have for any site manager, project manager or contractor looking to ensure their projects are closed down safely and securely during an extended shut down period. Method Grid is the ideal tool to help you document your procedures and checklist the actions you need to take. You can then use this as a working template to efficiently duplicate this knowledge across multiple sites and projects.

How is it best used?

Using the construction site shut down procedure example you can easily flesh out your own working close down processes and then allocate responsibility to completing checklists within it. You can, for example, store key Risk Assessments and add contact details and existing documentation for easy access. Having these processes documented minimizes potential liabilities. This can then be replicated across your business practices to improve the safety of your sites when they are unoccupied.

What does this construction site shut down procedure consist of?

This example includes …

  • Risk Assessment
  • Key Considerations
  • Shut Down Checklist

Construction Site Shut Down Process

… and a break down of checklists, procedures and processes within these:

  • Access
  • Site Security
  • Fire Risk
  • Materials
  • Site Safety
  • Weather
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavations

Construction Site Shut Down Procedure

Shutting down your site? Read our thoughts construction site shut downs.

Note: This example construction site shut down procedure is not an exhaustive document and as such cannot be taken as a full risk assessment for your construction site.

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