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Decision Game Methodology

An end-to-end process for successful business decision gaming.

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Decision Game Methodology Business Decision Gaming

Decision game methodology - Decision making for businesses using decision gaming

This decision game methodology example was authored by decision game experts Quirk Solutions (with their MD, Chris Paton, narrating the video above).

Harnessing the Method Grid solution, they have developed a high-level decision gaming methodology grid.

Decision games form an essential part of the toolbox for any business professional.  This methodology helps ensure that a programme/project/strategy/plan is given a thorough reality check – to make sure it is robust and any weaknesses have been addressed. This not only increases the chances of success from a technical perspective, it also serves as a vital communication tool, helping everyone buy-in to the plan. In this way, decision games are crucial in avoiding over-run and over-spend – as caused by ‘confirmation bias’ and overly positive ‘of course this will work’ optimism.

Decision gaming methodology process example


Who might this methodology be useful for?

The grid will be particularly useful for anyone leading a large programme, strategy or change/transformation that must go well.  It is designed as a starting point for those who have never experienced the benefits of a decision game (read: ‘pressure test’, ‘stress test’ or ‘war game’) and who want to get to the pragmatic, nitty-gritty of how to facilitate such a session.

How is this decision game methodology best used?

The grid facilitates the scoping, design, development and delivery of a decision game in order to derive the expected outcomes. As such, it can be cloned to act as a guide for an actual decision game delivery, checking off each element as you go.  It doesn’t go into depth on all the different types of games; rather, the intention is that organisations can evolve and bespoke their own unique solutions as they go.

What does this decision gaming method consist of?

The grid sets out the end-to-end process of a successful decision game including:

  • Who should take part
  • How to define the scope of the game
  • How the set the desired outcomes and what types of topic can be gamed
  • How to design the agenda
  • How to prepare everyone in advance
  • What types of game and outcomes are there
  • How to facilitate the game
  • How best to capture the outcomes

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