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Graduate Scheme Playbook

Introducing the Graduate Scheme Playbook

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Graduate Scheme Playbook

A well-structured, yet flexible, journey is crucial for the success of graduates enrolled in a graduate scheme. That’s why we’ve developed the Graduate Scheme Playbook, a playbook designed to guide graduates through their required training, placements and career choices ensuring they meet their key objectives while enjoying a customisable and personalised experience. 

Common Challenges for Graduates Today 

Graduates often face several challenges when entering the workforce, including: 

  1. Inconsistency in Training: Without a structured plan, graduates can experience variability in their training and development, leading to gaps in skills and knowledge.
  2. Lack of Guidance: Graduates may struggle with the transition from academic to professional environments, needing clear guidance and support to navigate their new roles.
  3. Limited Visibility: Management often lacks the tools to effectively monitor and support each graduate’s progress, making it difficult to ensure everyone is on track.
  4. Personalisation Needs: Graduates have diverse career goals and learning preferences, requiring training programmes that can be customised to meet their individual needs. 

What is the Graduate Scheme Playbook? 

The Graduate Scheme Playbook is a detailed playbook that helps graduates manage and guide their journey. It serves as a roadmap, guiding them through the essential onboarding training placement activities they need to undertake. Graduates can customise their training paths based on career choices, aligning their personal learning outcomes with the expectations set by the scheme. 

Why Choose the Graduate Scheme Playbook? 

1. Consistency Across the Cohort 

The playbook ensures a consistent experience for all graduates, addressing the common issue of variability in self-managed training journeys. Every graduate follows a structured yet flexible path, leading to more uniform development outcomes. 

2. Enhanced Management Visibility 

Management staff gain increased visibility into each graduate’s progress. The playbook allows for better monitoring and alignment with programme goals, ensuring that everyone stays on track and supports them on their career progression 

3. Customisable and Personalised Experience 

Graduates can tailor their training journeys to fit their individual career goals and learning preferences. This customisable approach maintains a core structure while allowing for transparent personalisation, making the training more relevant and engaging. 

4. Comprehensive Documentation 

The playbook acts as a valuable asset, recording experiences, skills learned, and milestones achieved. Graduates can refer back to it during and after the programme, keeping track of their professional development. 

5. Guidance and Resources 

Serving as a reference resource, the playbook provides additional materials and guidance throughout the graduate’s journey. It includes sections for personal reflections and checkpoints, ensuring continuous progress and development. 

How Does It Work? 

The Graduate Scheme Playbook starts with graduates customising their training journey based on a standard ‘master’ playbook, allowing them to align their personal goals with the scheme’s expectations. As they progress, they use the playbook to capture training results, record experiences, and track skills learned. This tool provides ongoing guidance, offering additional materials and resources tailored to their journey.

Graduates regularly update the playbook to reflect their progress and any necessary adjustments to their training plan. Upon completing the scheme, the playbook serves as a comprehensive record of their development and achievements, ensuring they have a detailed account of their growth and learning throughout the programme. 

Aligned with Method Grid Academy 

The Graduate Scheme Playbook is part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions through the Method Grid Academy. It complements our other tools and resources, helping organisations integrate new and existing training resources into the playbook to provide a fully immersive experience.  

Discover the Graduate Scheme Playbook 

Provide your graduates the structure, guidance, and resources they need to succeed. Explore the Graduate Scheme Playbook and see how it can transform your graduate programme.

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