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How to Write and Publish Your Business Book

A complete guide to writing and publishing your first business book based on the process summarized in 'You Should Write a Book' by Jacqueline Moore and Steven Sonsino of the Authors Channel (authors.fm).

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How to Write and Publish a Business Book

Using Method Grid, Steven Sonsino and Jacqueline Moore (multiple-published authors and co-founders of the Authors Grid service) have developed a comprehensive framework to help executives, entrepreneurs, specialists and professionals to write and publish a business book. In the grid “How to write and publish a business book”, each element acts as a step in what is normally a complex process with many moving parts. Once the book writing goal has been set, the grid visualizes and simplifies the process, including options and decision points to keep you, your colleagues and your contractors, on track over the weeks and months ahead.

Who might this business book authoring and publishing grid be useful for?

This grid will be useful for anyone seeking to write and publish a business book.

How is this methodology best used?

This grid can be cloned to your own library to manage a single instance of a book-writing project. It can then be used, as per all grids, as a combined resource that both (1) provides a rich set of contextual, educational resources and (2) keeps you on track as you work your way systematically through the complex-made-simple process.

How to write and publish a business book grid

You should start on the left-hand side “Before you Begin” stage – opening the “Read me First” element (which explains the overall methodology) and then the inaugural steps of “Have you defined why you want to write a book?” and “Have you reviewed the challenges facing you?” (both of which contain insightful, prompting video briefs from Steven).

Once you set off on the left-to-right methodology, you keep (graphical) track of your progress by ticking off each element as you go.

The grid is designed to be self-contained and, as such, a valuable free management/educational resource for the budding author. Additionally, Steven and Jacqueline offer a retained service (personal support and mentorship) for those interested in regular contact with an expert guide throughout this journey (which comes with additional grid depth/resources also). More information on these additional services can be found here.

What does the how to write and publish a business book methodology consist of?

This is an incredibly rich resource consisting of 14 stages that advance an aspirant book author from clarifying their initial concept through to developing your concept, research planning and execution, authoring, typesetting, editing and all the way through to final launch and publication. Layered within the grid are the multiple themes and activity areas that need to be considered within this lifecycle including – honing the core book concept, primary research, book design, writing, editing, print/digital publication options, launch and marketing. The grid also gives due consideration to the commercial ROI focus and overall project coordination aspects of the book authoring journey.

Contained within this structured framework are c. 170+ constituent elements (steps in the process) which, in turn, host a rich set of textual information, weblinks, checklists as well as video-captured guidance direct from Steven and Jacqueline – successful published authors/experts.

How to write and publish a business book element

Each element can be ticked off as you go – thus providing a structured aide-memoire to guide you through the end-to-end journey of book publication.

You can find out more about Steven Sonsino and his book authoring grid by listening to the interview between Steven Sonsino and Dom at Method Grid here.

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