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Bring your Kanban boards online with Method Grid. Enjoy complete customization, including swimlanes.
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Kanban board online

Kanban Board Online

Bring your Kanban board online using the flexibility of Method Grid. We have created this Kanban board template which you can import into your grid library for free.

The ideal online kanban board and it’s completely free for small teams!

To get this free online kanban board > just sign up for a free Method Grid account here, go to our example grids resources and clone this example grid into your new Method Grid account for free!

Who might this be useful for?

This Kanban board will be of (repeatable) benefit for any organization using Kanban boards and the lean method for managing work and projects.

How is it best used?

Clone the Kanban board template into your Method Grid library and you have an instant Kanban board ready to go. Add your desired swimlanes, adjust the stage headings to best match your specific requirements and then just start adding your work items using our feature rich grid elements.

You can use Method Grid’s incredibly flexible content areas to add information to each work item – text, comments, sub tasks, images, videos, cloud documents, files and more.

You can also use Method Grid’s sophisticated team member assignment features to assign your team to Kanban boards, work item elements within your boards and to sub tasks within your work items. You can also label your work items with your own color-coded system – easily tailored to your own working practices.

What does this Kanban board consist of?

This kanban board gives you a quick and easy Kanban board template which you can clone and instantly use for your own boards time and time again:

  • Use Method Grid themes (rows) to create swimlanes for your board.
  • Use Method Grid stages (columns) to move your work items along your board as they are worked on.

Online Kanban board with swimlanes


  • Method Grid’s user access controls give you a simple way to assign access to your Kanban boards – users (your team) can view and comment, your builders can edit your Kanban boards, move and assign work items and tasks, create new Kanban boards and more.
  • Method Grid elements (work items) are incredibly feature rich. You can add text, sub tasks, images, videos, files, cloud documents, web links and more to any task.
  • Use the team member assignment features to assign your team to grids (Kanban boards), elements (board work items/cards) and to work item (element) sub-tasks.
  • Use the incredible internal linking system to link work items to other work items within the same Kanban board, link to work items in other boards in your library or link to entire Kanban boards in a central board of boards – Method Grid flexes to your way of working!

Kanban board online assign work cards


  • Your team can also comment on a specific work item or on the Kanban board itself – now you can give your team the online Kanban board they’ve always wanted!

Kanban board online with commenting


  • Use the work item (element) colored labeling system to label items according to your methodology.
  • Easily drag and drop work items across your board – better than post-it-notes!

Kanban board online with customizable labeling


  • On our Professional plan you can integrate Method Grid with your own communication applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Chat.
  • Upgrade to our professional plan for fully featured team and team manager dashboards.

Kanban board online with online chat integrations (Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat)


The perfect online Kanban board for remote teams!

Getting started is simple and completely free:

  1. Sign up / login to Method Grid
  2. Open resources > grid examples
  3. Copy our example grid into your grid library for free
  4. Update it to your requirements
  5. Pat yourself on the back
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