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Scrumban board online

Scrumban Board Online

Using the versatility of Method Grid we have created this example scrumban board template which you can import into your grid library for free from the Method Grid store.

The ideal online scrumban board and it’s completely free for small teams!

To get this free online scrumban board > just sign up for a free Method Grid account here, go to the grid store and clone this example grid into your new Method Grid account for free!

Who might this scrumban board be useful for?

This scrumban board will be of (repeatable) benefit for any organization using, or looking to use, agile with a combined scrum board / kanban board task management system.

How is this scrumban board best used?

Simply clone this starter scrumban board into your Method Grid library and you have an instant scrumban ready to go. Adjust the themes (rows) and stages (columns) to best match your specific scrumban methodology and then just start adding your task elements (task cards/post-it-notes).

You can use Method Grid‘s versatile element content areas to add information for each task in whatever format best matches your scrumban working practices. Add text, comments, images, videos, cloud documents, files and more.

You can also use Method Grid‘s sophisticated expert tagging feature to assign your team to tasks as well as labelling your tasks with your own color-coded system – easily tailored to your own working methods.

What does this scrumban board consist of?

This scrumban example grid gives you a quick and easy scrumban board template which you can clone and instantly use for your own scrumban boards time and time again:

  • Stage (column) headings and theme (row) headings are completely editable and flexible – clone this example straight into your grid library whenever you need an instant scrumban board and you’re good to go.

Scrumban board online


  • Use Method Grid‘s built-in user access controls to assign simple roles to your team – users can view and comment, builders can create, assign and move.
  • Assign tasks to your team using Method Grid‘s simple expert tagging features.

Scrumban board assign tasks


  • Feature rich tasks (elements) can include flexible content areas to hold content relevant to your working practices and requirements – add text, images, videos, cloud documents, web links and more.
  • Use the incredible internal linking system to link tasks to other tasks within the same scrumban board, link to tasks in other boards in your library or link to entire scrumban boards in a central scrum of scrums board.

Scrumban board related task links


  • Your team can comment on any task or board – instant inline task and project communication for your team.

Scrumban board task comments


  • Color code your tasks with a fully editable labelling system – each scrumban board can have its own unique labelling system.

Scrumban board task labeling


  • The simple drag and drop interface for your tasks with inline editing on your scrumban boards gives you complete control.
  • Perfect for remote teams working with agile and scrumban.

The perfect online scrumban board for remote teams!

Getting started is simple and completely free:

  1. Sign up / login to Method Grid
  2. Open our grid store
  3. Copy our example grid into your grid library for free
  4. Update it to your requirements
  5. Pat yourself on the back

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