Combine knowledge, delivery, assurance and lessons learned

Method Grid embeds a cycle of repeatable best-practice and quality assurance in your projects through knowledge capture, consistent delivery, managed assurance and continuous improvement; wrapped around a core of informational insights.

This is Connected Assurance ...
Method Grid API

Features that enable Connected Assurance

Create your project methodologies quickly and easily using our intuitive grid system

Use stages and themes to organise complex processes

Add your best-practice and operational knowledge to grid elements using our simple content and task builder

Add customisable gates between project grid stages to enable gated delivery and assurance

Clone these master grids into project delivery instances

Labelling, filtering and rules enable visual oversight of progress and assurance

Access control, team assignment, comments, RAG ratings, statuses, flags and reporting enable real-time monitoring and collaboration

Method Grid

Easy to build and manage grid elements hold your organisation’s knowledge, processes and tasks

Add knowledge and best-practice your way with simple to use content areas including text, images, video, links, file uploads and links to document management systems including OneDrive/SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and more

Tasks are embedded with your knowledge enabling unified knowledge and project management

Put a stop to wasted hours searching for in-house and external experts by linking your knowledge to people

Use tasks to manage and assure your projects

Assign team members to tasks

Set task due dates, reminders and push to external calendars

Enable team collaboration and centralised communications with task comments

Monitor progress with rules, labelling, RAG ratings and flagging

Built-in assurance with enforced file evidence for task completion rules

Method Grid Tasks

Method Grid

Use fully featured Gantt charts to plan, schedule and deliver your projects

Add item durations and dependencies to your master grids which can then be cloned into project delivery instances complete with ready-to-go Gantt charts, just add the start date!

Create and manage dependencies between your stages, stage gates, elements and tasks, add lead/lag times and use multiple dependency types including start-to-start, start-to-finish, end-to-start and end-to-end

Add constraint dates and constraint types including as soon as possible, as late as possible, must start on, must finish on, start no earlier than, start no later than, finish no earlier than and finish no later than

All this, and an easy-to-use data table with an intuitive Gantt chart click and drag user interface, make scheduling a breeze

Customisable gates let you control and assure project stages

Create stage gate templates using our intuitive content builder

Add, assign and manage tasks within your stage gates

Assign stage gate owners and due dates

Sign off your stage gates with clear outcomes, sign off date, notes and actions

View stage gate progress and outcomes in dedicated reporting modules

Method Grid Tasks

Method Grid Folders

Organise your knowledge, processes and projects into customisable folders

View data, dashboards and reports filtered by your folders for bespoke filtering and organisation

Use labels for cross folder tagging and filtering

A powerful search feature enables quick and easy access to everything

Integrate with your team’s favourite tools

Integrate document management systems including OneDrive/SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and more

Link chat and communication including Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Slack

Add single sign-on including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta and Ping Identity (PingFederate)

Create your own bespoke integrations with the Method Grid API

Method Grid

Method Grid Dashboards

Dashboards give you project and portfolio oversight

Portfolio dashboards

Granular report filtering and exports

In-depth activity logging for project assurance

Team productivity hub to manage assigned tasks and notifications

Secure your data and intellectual property

User access control for internal and external users

Single sign-on and two-factor authentication options

Strong encryption and ciphers

Robust backups and operational security

Knowledge and data export functionality

Recognised regulatory security compliance and accreditations

Method Grid Security

Method Grid

Make Method Grid your own

Unique sub-domain

Customisable application colours and logos

Bespoke labelling and colours

Configurable folder system to organise and report on projects

Enable integrations with your own tools and applications

Ever evolving Method Grid API

Build your own bespoke integrations

Method Grid API

Method Grid Customer Success

Expert implementation and support to embed best-practice into your organisation

Our dedicated implementation team work with you to make meaningful change a reality

Expert customer success team to coach and train your team

Best in class help desk support when you need it

See the impact of Method Grid's Connected Assurance Platform for yourself


Oxford Brookes University

How Method Grid has enabled visibility for capital project delivery at Oxford Brookes University


Monika from OBU

Director, Major Estates Capital Project Office


NHS Trust

How Method Grid built capability in NHS Trust’s Capital Project and Estate’s Programme Management Office (PMO)


Nick Fox, NHS

Deputy Director of Capital Projects and Estate Management

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