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Element Rules & Unlimited Labels

In an upcoming feature release we will be making changes to the way element display rules work and introducing unlimited element labels.

Element Display Rule Changes

Currently, users with edit access to a grid, can create one of three element display rules. When one of these rules is triggered, the rule changes the label colour applied to that element:

  1. An element is overdue
  2. A checklist task is overdue
  3. Element is complete

All users can then quickly see the status of elements within a grid i.e. overdue elements might be automatically labelled red.

We will be changing the way this works. These element display rules will no longer be tied to the element labels, they will be their own stand alone rules and colours. All users (not just those with edit access) can then choose whether to view the grid with these display rules shown or hidden i.e. you can toggle how you wish to view a grid; either with certain rules shown, so elements change colour if the rules apply to them, or with certain rules off, so elements show the primary label colour applied to them. Each grid will then remember the view you had set when you last visited it. This will be a personal setting for each user. The design below shows a grid with the element display rules hidden:

New element display rule dropdown

The design below shows a grid being viewed with all the display rules toggled to show. The display rules currently being shown are indicated at the top right.

Users with edit access will also be able to change the colours applied to elements when a rule applies:

Element display rules edit colours

We hope this change will enable greater flexibility for users viewing grids i.e. you can view in a knowledge type mode (all element display rules off with each element coloured by its knowledge labels) or you can view in a delivery type mode (element display rules are toggled on so overdue and completed elements are clearly visible).

Unlimited Element Labels

Following this change to the element display rules, we will then introduce unlimited element labels.

Currently, users with edit access can set and assign label colours to the elements within grids. Each grid is restricted to a maximum of 10 of these labels, this will be increased to an unlimited number of labels:

Unlimited element labels in edit mode

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