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Grid Display Filter

In an upcoming feature release, we will be adding a display filter to your grids that lets you filter the elements displayed within your grid based on their attributes such as, labels, assignee, RAG rating etc.

Creating a display filter

You can build your own filters and the grid will show the elements to which your filter applies. For example, you could filter to all the elements you have labelled mandatory and rail to see all mandatory rail work packages.

Design for grid display filter creating a filter

Bookmarking filters

If you want to bookmark a filter for later use, you can save your filters to your ‘my bookmarks’. Users with edit access to a grid can also choose to create a ‘shared bookmark’ for the grid. All team members can then use these saved bookmarks to view the elements in the grid that are pertinent to that filter’s use case. For example, you could create a set of filter bookmarks for each team by element label. If you clone a grid with shared bookmarks, these shared bookmarks will be cloned with the grid, giving you project ready grids with your own pre-configured display filters.

You can also copy shareable links to send your filter bookmarks to team members.

You can also edit and manage these bookmarks in your bookmarks manager.

Design for grid display filter creating a filter bookmark

Using filter bookmarks

Once you have created your bookmarks, you can quickly apply your bookmarked filters to the grid.

Design for grid display filter using filter bookmarks

Your Feedback

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