The Method Grid Academy - Making capability delivery a repeatable habit

Ensuring that people have access to the knowledge and information they need, when they need it.

The Method Grid Academy brings together understanding and delivery to enable an integrated learning approach within organisations. It specialises in building customised content quickly to enhance the learning experience.

This includes a variety of bespoke learning materials like eLearning courses, video explainers, and both in-person and virtual classroom sessions. This flexibility not only enables rapid content development but also ensures adaptability to the dynamic business environment. 

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The Method Grid Academy

By integrating the Method Grid platform with tailor-made learning resources, organisations can deliver a cohesive and transparent educational experience. This, in turn, empowers assured personal development to optimise capability uplift and deliver operational efficiencies. 

Watch how we could build capability within your organisation by connecting learning with delivery:   

Our Approach

The Method Grid Academy is structured to address various learning styles and needs through a combination of e-learning courses, video explainers, and classroom-based sessions.

This approach ensures that the training and learning provided are not only theoretical but also immediately applicable to real-world tasks and challenges, thereby enhancing the overall capability of the learners and their organisations.

Our approach is as follows:  

  1. Discover: Establish a foundation by understanding learning needs, forming a project team, and securing resources and support.
  2. Design: Create engaging, high-quality e-learning content with expert validation, ensuring functionality and effectiveness through quality checks and feedback.
  3. Deliver: Introduce the Academy to users, overcoming rollout challenges, promoting user adoption, and providing support to enhance the platform’s impact.
  4. Operate: Assess the Academy’s success, gathering insights, wrapping up the project phase, and moving into ongoing operations. 


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