2021 Method Grid New Features Review


2021 has been a year packed with new features for Method Grid. In this webinar Jody Van Vestraut (CPO) and Rachel Leary (Customer Success Manager) from the Method Grid team take you through the highlights of this year’s new feature releases. We demonstrate how to use these features within the wider Method Grid application and how to get the best out of your account.

Key features

  • How to create interconnected groups of grids within folders and clone them as connected project instances
  • How to print grids and save them as PDFs
  • Text editing and advanced formatting options
  • How to manage files and use common document management integrations
  • How to bulk import tasks from Excel
  • Create tasks that require file evidence to complete
  • Manage your tasks, elements and grids in your productivity hub (ProdHub)
  • How to search your account and refine your searches
  • How to keep up to date with in-app notification categories
  • How to configure desktop notifications
  • An overview of your visual MI dashboards
  • Using dashboard filtering and saving filter bookmarks for quick access
  • Use activity logs for project history and assurance

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