AI empowered P3M delivery. First deployed prototypes.


It’s been hard to ignore the rise of ChatGPT and OpenAI in the past few months. The recent explosion of AI into the consciousness of all industries is changing the way that people are thinking about the challenges they are – and will – face.

The P3M community is no different.

A recent article by Harvard Business Review highlighted that only 35% of projects are considered ‘successful’. It goes on to say that “the wasted resource and unrealised benefits of the other 65% are mind-blowing’.

When looking for ways to improve this, it has become clear AI application will have a dramatic effect on the success ratio of project and programme delivery. Which is why Method Grid is at the forefront of showcasing this in our ever-evolving platform.

This GRIDtalk, is aimed at giving you a glimpse into the future. Presenting a vision of how AI can positively impact and help to accelerate the development of engaging and knowledge rich playbooks that incorporate AI to increase productivity, collaboration and improve delivery confidence.

GRIDTalk • Accelerating project delivery across the UK Rail Industry •
29th February 1pm
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