GRIDtalk: Creating World-Class IP for HR Transformation with LACE Partners


In this exciting GRIDtalk webinar, Creating world-class IP for HR transformation with LACE Partners. We explore LACE Partners approach to HR transformation and how fundamental shifts in thinking drive innovation and success in HR initiatives.

LACE Partners is a global consultancy, combining the on-demand expertise of top HR change specialists with the market leaders in progressive HR technologies. Discover how they have leveraged corporate playbooks to support HR functions and beyond.

Learn how playbooks can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, ensure best practices and gain practical lessons for shaping change that will help you improve your own organisation’s processes – enabling teams to consistently produce high-quality outcomes with less effort.


Pip Morpeth, Head of Professional Services, Method Grid
Becky Jones, Director, LACE Partners

Presentation Highlights:

  • The LACE Way: A Fundamental Shift in Thinking
    • Overview of the LACE Partners approach to HR transformation
    • How a fundamental shift in thinking drives innovation and success in HR initiatives
    • Introduction to the LACE-Way
  • Services Categorisation: Unlocking Shared Expertise with Playbooks
    • Introduction to services categorisation and its significance
    • How LACE Partners’ playbooks provide clients with access to a wealth of shared expertise
    • Static vs Dynamic – How playbooks provide tailored solutions for each client
  • People Engagement and Embedding Knowledge
    • Strategies for engaging employees in the process of creating and using IP
      Techniques for embedding knowledge and expertise within every project and team
      Ensuring continuous improvement and knowledge sharing across the organisation
  • The Power of Playbooks: Supporting HR Functions and Beyond
    • Detailed exploration of potential applications for playbooks in various HR functions
    • How playbooks can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure best practices

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