How the Estates Team at OBU built delivery confidence in their capital projects portfolio

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Presentation Highlights: 

  • Institutional Learning – how second-order thinking with respect to lessons learned feeds back into their delivery cycle
  • Executive Confidence – how a consistent approach plus transparent reporting has improved confidence (and outcome!)
  • Simplicity of Operation – why project categorisation coupled with carefully tailored control frameworks has been critical also


Mark Tugwell Deputy Director of Estates
Neil Ward Senior Project Manager
Dom Moorhouse CEO, Method Grid 

Our GRIDtalk series is tailored for executive participation – as a forum for the sharing of best-practice on the topic of P3M connected assurance. In these sessions, we learn from experienced industry leaders overseeing complex delivery portfolios.

Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence, research and innovation. With four campuses, a multitude of sites, major new build projects and many multi-use buildings, Oxford Brookes University is a complex estate to manage.

Prior to their impressive transformation journey of recent years, the project delivery team was managing both large and small projects but didn’t have the right digital infrastructure in place to support holistic visibility and, despite having established processes for larger projects, their methodologies were disconnected (with information silos within the design and delivery processes). As a result, there was limited organisational learning and a lack of delivery confidence at the executive level.

Following an impressive transformation journey (a journey that the OBU team emphasise they are still on!), the Estates Team has introduced a consistent set of tiered delivery processes – mandated across the project office. This, in turn, has brought a consistency of approach and enabled institutional learning – the key preconditions for better quality project outcomes (and improved stakeholder/investor confidence).

Mark and Neil expand on the work involved to undertake such a capability transformation and the principles they have followed to navigate such continuous improvement.

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