Translating service propositions into playbooks with Method Grid


Our GRIDtalk series is tailored for executive participation – as a forum for the sharing of best-practice on the topic of P3M connected assurance. In these sessions, we learn from experienced industry leaders overseeing complex delivery portfolios. 

LACE Partners, a leading HR and Payroll Consultancy, have recently been working with Method Grid to build their repeatable Service Propositions in Method Grid. Taking advantage of both our platform and professional services expertise, this event will take you through the journey they’ve been on, the challenges they’ve faced and the benefits they’re now realising. 

In what promises to be an engaging episode, Rebecca and Pip will expand on the work involved to undertake such an improvement exercise and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

Presentation Highlights: 

  • Overview of LACE’s Service Propositions 
  • Designing a common lifecycle and themes 
  • Building out a playbook 


Rebecca Addison Senior Manager, LACE Partners 
Pip Morpeth Head of Professional Services – Method Grid 
Dom Moorhouse CEO – Method Grid

GRIDtalk: Creating a Renewable Energy Project Delivery Playbook for SSE Renewables Register