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Perpetual: From concept to reality – Retained service proposition to market within eight months

Discover how our team used their core competencies in project management and digital transformation – harnessing the Method Grid platform – to enable Perpetual to rapidly design and implement a new ‘Retained Services Model’ service proposition. From initial concept to the design and build of embedded capabilities (refreshed website, marketing collateral, digital tool development, staff training etc.), this strategic initiative introduced new (predictable) revenue streams into our client’s business.

The User

Perpetual is a transatlantic talent advisory firm that helps organisations build and cultivate high-performance cultures. They use their proprietary team-to-togetherness (t3®) framework and operational readiness methodology to identify gaps in performance and co-design transformational initiatives that serve as a catalyst for improved organisational health and high performance. Perpetual’s services include executive search and advisory services, organisational development, leadership development and the facilitation of culture/strategy labs. They have offices in Connecticut, New York and Paris and work with a range of clients across various industries including financial services, healthcare, and technology. In summary, Perpetual aims to help organizations achieve sustained success by creating human-centric, high-performance cultures.

Their Challenge

Whilst in impressive growth mode, Perpetual faced the (common) challenge of predicting forward fee income and in building deep, strategic relationships with clients – due to their market position not being optimally articulated in a consistent manner. To address these issues, they developed the concept of a Retained Service Model (RSM) that bundled together their capabilities and service propositions into a package of services provided across a recurring, annual term. They partnered with Method Grid to help develop and implement this model, resulting in the creation of Project VITAL.

The role Method Grid played

This engagement pulled on several of our professional service team’s competencies – from commercial/technical project management through to digital tool design, supplier procurement/management, user testing, website build and staff communication/training. All aspects were essential in delivering Project VITAL for Perpetual.

The project resulted in the creation of several outputs, including a simplified market positioning statement, a detailed definition of the new RSM model including commercials, refreshed marketing and sales assets, a new web application to support t3® client diagnostics assessments, consulting playbooks for new services and training of all the firm’s staff.

In addition to these outputs, Method Grid was also selected as the delivery partner for all associated creative materials and the design and build of a new company website.

Aside from enabling new service playbooks, the Method Grid platform was also used to create a digital RSM Account management tool – customizable for each client – showcasing their unique capabilities in a way that resonates with a client’s specific needs and challenges. This digital enablement further allowed Perpetual, and their end clients, to track and manage the delivery of a specific retained service engagement which, in turn, facilitated Perpetual’s shift towards strategic, long-term partnering with such clients.

The Benefits

Even before project close, Perpetual had sold several RSM packages – demonstrating the success of the initiative. As baked into our benefits-focused service, Perpetual is now well set to realize multiple, downstream benefits from Project VITAL including: consisting/clear market positioning, long-term strategic relationships with clients, predictable/high-quality fee income and greater employee satisfaction – as resulting from deeper client relationships and more diverse work opportunities. Perpetual estimate that this project will add c. 40% of additional revenue and EBITDA to their business by 2026 (project close + three years). Following on from this, four of Perpetual’s key clients generated over $600,000 ARR per annum within the first six months.

As an ambitious, always innovating team, Project VITAL represented a major strategic investment for the business. With respect to developed outcomes, we could not be happier with the developed quality across an integrated set of assets; we now have an incredible base on which to take increased value to our growing client base. Aside from Method Grid’s exceptional project execution, delivered with 1% of cost budget estimate, it is worth mentioning how enjoyable the collaboration was. All their supplied team members, without exception, were relentlessly outcome-focused, hyper-responsive and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Steve Morrissey / Founder and CEO / Perpetual

Project VITAL was one of those client engagements it is privileged to be involved with. It allowed us to pull on a unique set of internal digital design and technical skills as well as our core project management offering – with critical elements underpinned by the Method Grid platform also. The Perpetual leadership team are to be given huge plaudit for their strategic creativity – and recognition of the role that focused, capability-build projects can play in fostering genuine commercial transformation. We are delighted to observe the early benefit realization of the project and look forward to tracking their onward successes.

Dom Moorhouse / CEO / Method Grid

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