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Building World-Class Project Delivery Methods and Playbooks

At the core of our business is the mission to help clients and the industry share best practices. With invaluable support from our clients, we are pleased to announce the release of our White Paper, ‘Building World-Class Project Delivery Methods and Playbooks.’ This paper is a testament to the innovative strategies and approaches we have developed in partnership with our clients – focused on empowering teams to improve how they deliver project and services.


In this free 44-page White Paper, ‘Building world-class project delivery methods and playbooks,’ we delve into the strategies and actions that organisations are undertaking to meet this challenge head-on.

It explores how organisations are consolidating knowledge, harnessing AI, and advancing project management principles to build robust, adaptable, and efficient project delivery playbooks.

This paper provides context on the vital foundations required to support such an endeavour and provides practical approaches for developing playbooks that equip teams to navigate this landscape successfully.

With a forward-thinking approach and a firm commitment to continuous improvement, organisations can leverage their collective wisdom, utilise AI’s potential, and apply project management best practices to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth.

The White Paper dissects each of these critical components in detail, furnishing you with a comprehensive understanding of how to construct world-class project delivery methods and playbooks.

The subjects explored in-depth include:

  • Establishing the groundwork for world-class project delivery
  • Crafting world-class project delivery playbooks
  • The human psychology to compliance
  • How Method Grid supports leading professional services firms with this endeavour.

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