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Streamlining B Corp Certification through Future Shift and Method Grid


Method Grid, in partnership with Future Shift, offers an integrated solution for organisations aiming for B Corp certification. This case study explores how our collaboration improves an organisation’s access to, and efficiency in, attaining the B Corp certification.

The Challenge

To integrate knowledge, process, and project management into a tailored playbook that guides and supports clients through the end-to-end B Corp certification process.

Helping clients:

  • Understanding Requirements: Navigating the complex requirements for B Corp certification
  • Tracking and Progress: Managing and tracking changes across various organisational functions.
  • Improving Collaboration: Enhancing team collaboration through the certification process
  • Maintaining Compliance: Ensuring ongoing compliance and evidence for certification standards.

Solution Implementation – Method Grid and Future Shift

Method Grid and Future Shift have formed an alliance to offer a holistic solution for the B Corp certification. Future Shift has developed an integrated playbook that incorporates knowledge, process, and project management to guide clients through the certification process using the Method Grid Platform.

The playbook is tailored to each client’s specific needs, thereby improving collaboration and ensuring the solution is fit for purpose.

The partnership not only aims to add value through certification but also empowers organisations to meet broader sustainability challenges by developing robust, sustainable processes and procedures.

Future Shift’s Process for B Corp Certification

Baseline Assessment

The journey begins with a comprehensive baseline assessment to understand the current sustainability practices of the organisation. This assessment identifies gaps and opportunities, setting the stage for a tailored action plan.

Outline Plan

Based on the baseline assessment, Future Shift outlines a strategic plan that includes specific steps, timelines, and responsibilities. This plan serves as a roadmap for the organisation, detailing what needs to be done to achieve B Corp certification.


Future Shift works closely with the organisation to implement the outlined plan, by providing expert resources for each step. This involves regular check-ins, updates, and adjustments as needed to ensure that the organisation is on track to meet the certification requirements.

The following video shows how the platform helps each client and links to clients that have successfully completed it.


Synergy with Method Grid

The integrated playbook seamlessly aligns with Future Shift’s process. The playbook serves as a dynamic tool and resource library where the outline plan can be transformed into implementation steps; documented, tracked, and updated in real-time. This ensures that all your team are on the same page, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


The partnership between Method Grid and Future Shift offers a unique, comprehensive solution to the challenges organisations face in achieving B Corp certification. The integrated playbook serves as a one-stop guide for the entire certification process, from understanding requirements to maintaining compliance, thereby offering a sustainable, long-term solution.

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