Product Roadmap

You can find details of all our recently released features, planned feature releases and upcoming product improvements on our product roadmap below:

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Element quick tool access

This will introduce shortcuts to key element tools such as the task and activity logs, enabling quick access to these directly from the grid.

Progress bar customisation

This will introduce custom colours for the progress bars within the app and add more controls for some of the custom colours across the app.

Element UI improvements and full screen mode

This will unify the UI across the grid, elements and stage gates giving you quicker and easier access to key tools. We will also introduce a full screen mode for elements.

Notifications 2.0

This will completely refactor the notifications you receive within the app, via email, via your browser and via push notifications to Microsoft Team, Google Chat and Slack. This will also give you more control over how and when you receive notifications from Method Grid.

Two-factor authentication v1.0

This will introduce two-factor authentication to Method Grid alongside our existing single sign on options.

Stage gate searching

As part of the ongoing implementation of stage gates we will make stage gate content available in the global search tool.

Stage gate custom dashboards

As part of the ongoing implementation of stage gates we will make stage gate data available for use in your custom dashboards.

Recycle bin and quick undo

This will let you view and restore deleted content such as grids, elements and tasks. 

Gantt view v1.0

This will introduce Gantt type view for your grids, elements and tasks.

Grid assurance module v1.0

This will introduce a dedicated grid assurance module and associated reporting.


Q2 2023


April 27th 2023 > Grid tool/view shortcuts and UI improvements

We have added shortcuts to the primary grid views and tools, and made some improvements to the grid UI (user interface) > Release notes


Q1 2023


March 30th 2023 > Improved video embedding

This release enables the embedding of private videos as well as public videos within your content areas > Release notes

March 30th 2023 > Google Drive integration upgrade

The Method Grid Google Drive integration has been upgraded to use version 3 of the Google Drive Picker API > Release notes

March 21st 2023 > Member group improvements

This release made improvements to the way member groups function. Crucially, these changes make groups more effective when used in filters throughout Method Grid > Release notes

March 9th 2023 > Element refactoring improvements

This release involved the complete refactoring of elements and content areas, bringing significant improvements to the way you work with elements and their performance > Release notes


Q4 2022


December 20th 2022 > Grid display filter v1.0

This release enables the filtering of elements in your grids by assignee, label, date etc. You can also bookmark these filters for later use, share them with others and build a set of shared filter bookmarks that are cloned with your grid so they are available on every project instance > Release notes

November 23rd 2022 > Stage gates dashboard

As part of the ongoing implementation of stage gates, we have added a new stage gates dashboard > Release notes

October 31st 2022 > Basic stage gate printing

You can now print your stage gates, including the option to print or save as a PDF via your browser’s printing tools > Release notes

October 24th 2022 > Unlimited (nearly) element labels within grids

We have increased the number of element labels available within grids from 10 to 100 and made improvements to the element information panel > Release notes

October 11th 2022 > Element completion and overdue display rules

We have updated the way completed and overdue elements are shown within your project grids, enabling a simplified view toggling feature > Release notes


Q3 2022


September 21st 2022 > Grid stage gates

You can now add customisable gates between project grid stages to enable gated delivery and assurance > Release notes

August 2nd 2022 > Ping Identity (PingFederate) single sign-on 

You can now configure Method Grid to use PingFederate single sign-on to manage your team’s access > Release notes

July 26th 2022 > Basic element printing

You can now view a print friendly version of your knowledge elements, which you can then choose to print or save as a PDF > Release notes

July 12th 2022 > Comment @mention improvements

We have improved the way @mentions work in the Method Grid commenting system > Release notes


Q2 2022


June 13th 2022 > Search comments and files + improved search results and user interface

We have added the ability to search for comments and files across your entire account and within specific grids and folders. The quality of search results and the user interface have also been enhanced > Release notes

April 28th 2022 > Custom dashboards

This introduces customisable dashboards for team, project and portfolio level reporting on your project grids, elements and tasks > Release notes

April 11th 2022 > Elements dashboard update – RAG ratings, task progress and more

We have added the element RAG ratings, task progress indicators and more to the elements dashboard > Release notes


Q1 2022

Q1 2022 Product Roadmap

March 1st 2022 > Grid statuses

You can now set a status on your project grids of not started, in progress, on hold, complete and cancelled > Release notes

March 1st 2022 > Grids dashboard update – grid status

Grid status is now available on your grids dashboard > Release notes

February 14th 2022 > Tasks dashboard and task logs update – statuses and RAG

We have added the new task statuses and RAG ratings to the tasks dashboard and the task logs within your elements and grids > Release notes

January 12th 2022 > Text editor tables and improved copy/paste functionality

We have added tables to your text editor so you can now create and paste tables into any text area in your grid elements. We have also improved the copy/paste functionality of the editor so that your formatting is preserved when you paste into the text editor > Release notes

January 10th 2022 > Element completion, element RAG rating and task progress/status indicators

We’ve added status indicators to elements (based on containing task statuses), a new element completion checkbox and a new element RAG rating system > Release notes


Q4 2021

November 24th 2021 > Tasks statuses and RAG

We’ve added a task status control to include not started, in progress, on hold and complete. A new task RAG rating system has also beeen introduced > Release notes

November 17th 2021 > Full activity logging

We’ve added all common account activities to your global, grid and element activity logs as well as open these logs up to your team members so they can monitor all activity on your grids. We have also added filters to the log table so you can filter by team member, date, activity category and more > Release notes

November 4th 2021 > Improved task file evidence

Improvements to the way you save and view files related to tasks > Release notes

October 20th 2021 > Dashboard filter bookmarking

You can save bookmarks of the filters you apply to your grid, element and task dashboards for quicker and easier access to your most used reports > Release notes

October 15th 2021 > Improved website, element and grid linking

We have improved and enhanced the way you link to websites, and the way you interlink elements and grids within your Method grid account > Release notes

October 15th 2021 > DMS (document management systems) integrations

Method Grid now integrates with common document management systems such as Sharepoint/OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox > Release notes

October 4th 2021 > Improved text editing

Improved text editing > Release notes

Q3 2021


September 28th 2021 > Comments tracked in activity logs

We’ve added comments to your activity logs globally and at the grid and element level

September 17th 2021 > Improved element movement

We’ve improved the way you move elements around your grids

September 3rd 2021 > Notification categories

Easily manage your in-app notifications > Release notes

July 18th 2021 > Tasks API

Version 1.1 of the API brings Method Grid tasks and their associated functionality into the Method Grid API for bespoke integrations > API documentation

Q2 2021


June 21st 2021 > ProdHub 1.0

The ProdHub gives you a summary of your assigned tasks, elements and grids split by due today, due this week, overdue and no due date. You can also review comments from across your account, quickly access recently viewed grids and engage with the Method Grid community right in the app > Release notes

June 4th 2021 > Search 2.0

Search within specific grids and folders of grids, search knowledge content and refine what results you want to see > Release notes

May 21st 2021 > Bulk import tasks

Quickly copy/paste or upload (via csv) multiple tasks at once into your grid elements > Release notes

May 5th 2021 > Folder cloning

Quickly and easily clone folders with groups of interlinking grids to create instant copies of even your most complex methodologies > Release notes

April 30th 2021 > API 1.0

Version 1.0 of the Method Grid API enables the creation of any bespoke integrations > API documentation

April 9th 2021 > Drag/drop file uploading

Drag and drop multiple files at once into image areas and file upload areas > Release notes

April 6th 2021 > Desktop notifications

Method Grid notifications now appear directly on your PC desktop > Release notes

Q1 2021


March 19th 2021 > Grid print/pdf

Create a tailored view of your grids for printing and sharing via PDF > Release notes

March 8th 2021 > Visual MI dashboards

A new AnalyticsHub to summarise overall project performance and empower strategic, portfolio-level decision-making > Release notes

February 23rd 2021 > New community

A new Method Grid community platform to further enable, and integrate, our fantastic user base and to provide a social dimension to this growing conversation > Release notes

February 9th 2021 > Improved navigation

The main application navigation was moved to a vertical layout with improved space to navigate and work within Method Grid > Release notes

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