Whatever your size or situation. There's a plan to suit you.There's a plan to suit you.

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Complete features list
Minimum number of seats The minimum number (plan start) of people per account based on the plan
Maximum number of seats The maximum number of people per account based on the plan
Project grids The number of project grids available in the plan
Knowledge elements A project grid can contain multiple elements; an element holds a grouped set of resources, knowledge content and tasks
Gantt charts Use fully featured Gantt charts to plan, schedule and deliver your project grids
Stage gates Add customisable gates between project grid stages to enable gated delivery and assurance
AI assistant (beta) Optional access to our AI Assistant (currently in beta)
Delivery and Assurance
User task assignment The ability to assign tasks to individual team members
Task file evidence The ability to force task completion to require auditable evidence - a file link or a file upload
Task, element & project flagging The ability to flag a task, element and project grid for management attention
Status reporting Status reporting based on the ability to apply statuses to your project grids and tasks; plus RAG (red-amber-green) ratings to tasks, elements, stages, themes and project grids
Gantt charts Use fully featured Gantt charts to plan, schedule and deliver your project grids
Task and project scheduling The ability to schedule tasks, elements, gates, stages and grids (projects)
Visual progress rules Bring live-delivery grids to life with bespoke visual-progress logic; for example, 'all tasks completed in an element - turn it green'
Task and project status Assign a status to your tasks and project grids of either not started, in progress, on hold, complete or cancelled (project grids only)
RAG rating Assign RAG ratings to your tasks, and to your project elements, stages, themes and grids
Project grid cloning Grids are a place for capturing and structuring your work; this feature allows you to clone (copy/paste) a grid to create a standalone new grid instance - as especially powerful when taking 'master' (reference) grids to live, delivery instances
Task reminders The ability to schedule task reminders ahead of task 'due dates' - reminding owners of open tasks at the requested date
Task add to calendar The ability to push tasks to common calendars (Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar)
Import tasks The ability to import task lists from Excel and .csv files
Folder cloning The ability to clone a folder containing multiple grids – all contained referential links are recreated in the new folder set
Knowledge Build and Manage
Customisable folders Create folders to sort and categorise your project grids into logical programme or themed groupings
Knowledge element labelling Improve user navigation of your grid-based methodology with color labelled elements (for example, to highlight the mandatory elements of an assurance process)
Custom label colors The ability to customize your account's default label colors to your corporate colors
Knowledge content areas The ability to add supportive knowledge resources to your grids: text explanations, images, videos, file uploads, file links, urls etc
Knowledge element filtering Filter knowledge elements by label, assignee, due date and more. Create filter bookmarks to share with team members
Master (project assurance) grids Grids are a place for capturing and structuring your work; this feature allows you distinguish between 'master' (reference) grids and active project grids
Knowledge element templates Create and save structured knowledge element templates for easy reuse when building new project grids
Knowledge element cloning The ability to one-click clone (copy/paste) a knowledge element within a grid - to faciliate fast scope configuration
Device notifications Users can set up automatic notifications for their own devices
Commenting and chat Collaborate with @mention chat within all levels of the solution: tasks, elements and grids
Kanban grids Grids are a place for capturing and structuring your work; a kanban grid is the perfect view for collaborative coordination of your team's task activity across work phases
Task nudging A task nudge is a one-click, friendly way to remind a colleague of an open task - via an in-App notification and/or email
Dashboards and Reporting
Prod Hub Each user has an individual 'Productivity Hub' - as their home for frequently-visited knowledge, @mentioned chat and focused task management
Project checkpoint reports Track and manage your project grid tasks with the ability to create detailed filtered/sorted management reports
Task reports Create sortable/filterable reports on all tasks within a work element or project grid - with file export and print options
User dashboards Fully filterable/sortable dashboards for data-driven insights into your tasks, work elements and project grids
Stage gate dashboard Fully filterable/sortable dashboard for data-driven insights into your project grid stage gates
Custom dashboards Customisable dashboards for team, project and portfolio level reporting across your Method Grid account
Dashboard widgets Configurable dashboard chart widgets with multiple chart types, exporting and more
Folder reports Show a progress summary of all project grids within a grouped folder set
Activity log reports In-depth report as to all knowledge-building and project-task-delivery activity across your account
Project grid view export/print Output a customised view of any grid - you can save as a PDF file or send it to print
Administration and Control
Custom domain Set up a unique url subdomain for your Method Grid account
Custom logos The ability to customize your account with a company logo - login screen and main solution
Custom colour scheme The ability to customize your account's primary color palette to your corporate colors
Archiving Archive project grids to remove historical/completed grids from dashboard reporting views and primary search results
User groups Configure user groups within your account to facilitate grid access control administration
Customisable user profiles Customise the data fields (mandatory/optional) within your team's user profiles
Separate end-client accounts Many of our customers use Method Grid to deploy their services to their end-clients. This feature allows the commercial addition of separate accounts for such usage - with accompanying grid migration support
Security and Privacy
Private project grids Grids are a place for capturing and structuring your work; this feature provides all members with a secure folder for personal-private grids
User access control Configure user access and edit rights for individual project grids
External users (restricted view) Collaborate on project grids with outside users - this member class restricts access to specific invite grids
Two factor authentication Enable, enforce and manage two-factor authentication for all account members
Single sign on Login with your SAML account (Azure AD, Okta) - no need to memorize passwords
Enterprise Integrations and Analytics
Document management integrations (SharePoint/OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox) Integrate document management systems like SharePoint/OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and DropBox into Method Grid.
Chat integrations
(MS Teams, Google Chat, Slack)
Integrate Method Grid's chat and collaboration features into your primary chat application (Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack)
API access Enable connections with your own tools and applications into Method Grid - full developer documentation provided
Self-serve knowledge base Access to a comprehensive FAQ knowledge base on all features of the solution - explore tutorials, guides and articles on everything you need to know about Method Grid
Helpdesk support Access to our highly-responsive helpdesk ticketing system
Customer Success Support Received tailored, personalised support from our dedicated Customer Success' team of expert users
Dedicated Account Manager A dedicated, single point of contact for all aspects of account management and optimisation

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