Method Grid

Beta & Pricing

What is the current status of Method Grid?

After nearly a year of private beta testing (c. 50 organizations) and a radical design overhaul, this new website heralds the launch of our beta v.3 release. We are now opening up the platform for free public use and beta testing.

What is the purpose of the public beta trial?

The primary purpose of the public beta is to validate our view that we now have a commercially viable product. Further to this, we really want to hear what additional ideas users have for new features and improvements; the platform has not stood still from the day it was first revealed and this continuous enhancement is fuelled by all feedback received from all the brilliant folk who use it. Finally, we would love to hear the views of a wider user base on future pricing: what fee structure would make this a “no brainer” team tool cf. over-priced?

How long will the public beta trial last?

We plan for the public beta trial to last until, at least, the end of January 2018. Possibly a little longer if we sense we still have some work to do to get it to this MVP stage. The only timetable we are bound to is this qualitative one i.e. we will only charge for Method Grid when our beta testing friends tell us we have a product that is demonstrably worth paying for!

What will happen on conclusion of the public beta trial?

We will turn on the payment gate for any subsequent new joiners. Our commitment to all public beta sign-ups, however, will be that they can continue to use/trial the platform for another year completely free of charge. This will just be our way of saying thanks – to the community that helped get us to this moment.

What are your early thoughts with respect to pricing?

Our thoughts, honestly, are really very embryonic with regards to future pricing – and we will remain in very active listening mode during the public beta trial to hear wider views.

Based on polls/discussions with our current (private) beta group, we know we need to keep this construct really simple. It is most likely going to be based on a per user per month (pupm) model.

In that the platform’s core benefit is whole organization/team knowledge-enablement, we also know we need to keep this price point at the lower end of typical SaaS fees. So, our current thinking is that this fee will be in the range of $10-15 (£7-12) pupm.

To allow organizations to properly assess the benefits of Method Gird, we envisage having a free 30-day trial period – or – even an indefinite free single user licence (with some feature lock-down).

For larger corporates, say 150+ members, we anticipate pricing by banded tiers – subject to negotiated packages. But, to repeat, this is all early thinking subject to much more user dialogue and team head-scratching.

What happens if we join the free beta but don’t continue with any future paid version?

Please remember that for any beta account the point of actually having to pay will be one year post the time we actually turn on a payment gate – so, February 2019 at the very earliest. In terms of protecting any IP you have developed on the platform, please note we will be developing functionality that allows account owners to export all of their Method Grid content out of the platform at any time – so you can, at least, preserve developed structures, bespoke content and all associated links and files. Please note, even ahead of this functionality being live on the site, you can just contact us to coordinate such a data transfer. Finally, please note, we will always retain your data (unless you ask for it to be deleted!) such that at any stage you subsequently decide to rejoin then you will just return to your historical work.