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Project and Program Management Methodology

A complete end-to-end project and program management methodology.

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Project and Program Management Methodology Example Grid

Project and Program Management Methodology

Using Method Grid we have developed a universal Project and Program Management Methodology (PPM) grid.

This methodology grid serves as a complete end-to-end methodological toolbox for the delivery of a multitude of projects and programs. It has principle alignment with internationally recognised best-practice reference points – including Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). The grid serves as a deep foundational starting point for organisations and integrated delivery teams to bespoke their own specific versions.

Who might this project and program management methodology be useful for?

The Project and Program Management (PPM) grid will be useful for all project and program management practitioners within your organisation. Further, this resource can serve as a powerful teaching/support aid for those new to the project/program management skillset.

How is this methodology best used?

The grid is designed to be further configured to your own team’s needs and then continuously improved and refined.

It should also be noted that many organisations continuously refine such a master version but then create snapshots of this grid (using the clone functionality in Method Grid) to create specific project delivery instances.

These grid instances can then be easily configured to meet the scope of the specific project and harnessed as a connected-team management aid to track and assure progress across the project lifecycle (completed checklist tasks update the grid’s progress display).

What does this program / project management methodology consist of?

This grid contains a wealth of guidance documentation, management tool templates and “hints and tips” – over 50 rich resource elements – as captured within a complete end-to-end project and program management lifecycle, against the following themes:

Project and Program Management Methodology Example Grid

Project and Program Management Methodology Element

Project and Program Management Methodology Client Feedback Scorecard

We are constantly updating this grid, to update new guidance, tools and templates. Over the coming weeks, we will add more templates to the following key elements also:

Phase 01

  • Project Initiation Document
  • End of Stage Report
  • End of Project Report
  • Cost/Resource Management Plan
  • Risk Register (or RAID log)
  • Change Control Register
  • Stakeholder RACI

Phase 02

  • Project Plan (simple excel gant chart)
  • Project Brief
  • Project Mandate
  • Vision Statement
  • Communications Plan
  • Lessons Learned register
  • Lessons Learned report
  • QA Register

Phase 03

  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Checkpoint Report
  • Highlight Report
  • Exception Report
  • Blueprint
  • Product Description

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Having such a deep PPM toolbox provides a centralised common resource to all your staff – thus ensuring consistent standards of delivery and a reference point for continuous improvement. The ability to create actual project instances allows for simple progress reporting, integrated team working, easily accessible content management and workflow issue resolution. Finally, for professional service firms, the demonstration of such a grid (bespoke to your firm’s branding and specific needs) demonstrates real depth to your claimed expertise (beyond the slide or espoused rhetoric) and can thus help win more work!

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