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How Method Grid has enabled visibility for capital project delivery at Oxford Brookes University

Explore how Method Grid provided strategic programme delivery to enable better stakeholder engagement, resource management, team confidence, and project assurance.

The user

Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence, research and innovation. With four campuses, a multitude of sites, and a large number of multi-use buildings, Oxford Brookes University is a complex estate with diverse knowledge and task management needs.

The challenge

The project delivery team was managing both large and small projects but didn’t have the right digital infrastructure in place to support holistic visibility.

Despite having established processes for larger projects, their methodologies were disconnected, and information silos were being created within the design and delivery processes. This created meant lessons learned weren’t being implemented and there was a lack of delivery confidence from executive management.

Monika, Assistant Director of Strategic Programme Management at Oxford Brookes, said, “Our deputy director of estates decided to engage with Method Grid and Provelio, a strategic project management consulting company, to re-instil a sense of consistency and visibility across the management and delivery of estate-wide projects.”

We wanted the new PM system to deliver 4 key benefits: consistently managed projects – delivered on time, impactful and accurate reporting, simple and transparent project portfolio management, and inclusion of the key university stakeholders at the early stages of the project.”

How Method Grid was used

Method Grid and Provelio worked as a collaborative partnership to create a solution for Oxford Brookes.

The Method Grid team actively supported Oxford Brookes throughout the design, onboarding, implementation and go-live stages to ensure the processes created were aligned with Oxford Brookes’ objectives.

“Method Grid definitely have the edge because of how visual, intuitive and easy-to-use the platform is,” Monika explains. “In the current age of information overload, the last thing we wanted was a solution that would overcomplicate things – our mantra is ‘keep it simple’ so this was really important to us.”

As Oxford Brookes embarks on a 15-year program for their estate strategy, they will use Method Grid to solidify their data resources and their processes.

The benefits

Stakeholders are using the platform to share information and manage their day-to-day projects after only one month, enhancing organisation, strategic planning, and user engagement.

Proactive estate management: The Oxford Brookes team are empowered to produce more functional, safe and fit-for-purpose buildings. “The visibility will help us get stakeholders involved earlier, fix mistakes sooner, avoid costly retrofitting, and learn from previous projects so every future build is better than the last,” Monika explains.

Shared knowledge: Method Grid supplied Oxford Brookes with a shared knowledge centre to support continuous process enhancement and seamless onboarding for new project managers. Monika elaborates that “Method Grid has helped us utilise our lessons learned more effectively – turning individual knowledge into shared, corporate knowledge.”

Live information: Live information streams give Oxford Brookes’ teams immediate access to the current status of every project running. Instead of producing time-intensive reports which quickly go out of date, users can just log in to get the most up-to-date information each day.

Integrated engagement: With Method Grid, each stakeholder involved in a project now has a formal gateway for inputting into the design and development of projects. The team hope to implement the solution into other departments and projects to further inform strategic decisions about the future of the estate based on best practice.

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