Team Values

In final analysis, we know our success is based not on clever technology but on our ability to function as a high-performing assembly of talented people. We aspire to be a tribe amongst team-based competitors: as made up of people who respect and care for each other – working together as a highly-collaborative “one firm” unit.

Method Grid exists to serve our clients. Beyond any idle rhetoric, clients must come first in everything we do. As part of this client-centricity we obsess about data privacy/security and support levels generally.

We have arrived at this juncture as a result of the founding team’s restless, audacious creativity. This value talks to the never-ending pursuit of excellence – parallel as it is with a humility to recognise we will never get there. At the heart of this journey is this “keep pushing”, innovative zeal.

At the heart of our company success is a belief that excellence comes about when you take your profession extremely seriously but not yourself. Humour and professional competence are expected in equal measure. At Method Grid, we are light on hierarchy and formality with a zero tolerance policy of pompousness, ego and office politic.

Whilst we start out with a robust craft (Method Grid v4) we know we will only succeed if we can develop with ruthless speed and efficiency. Ultimate success will hinge heavily on whether we can move from dreamed-idea to intelligent-design to robust-functionality faster than our competitors.