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The Method Grid team is a jolly band who, over years of co-working, have realised that their distinctive talents – when combined – leads to some exciting, well-regarded software being built. We all revel in the challenge of moving ever faster through the idea-design-build-test-deploy cycle and the adventure of growing a new business generally. The way things are going we will definitely need more on the team – so watch this space with respect to our imminent “Careers at” page!

Olivier Adam

Olivier is leading the commercial team within Method Grid, focusing on enhancing the entire client journey. Olivier is a senior entrepreneurial leader with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership in succesful companies such as Skrill and Hootsuite. Olivier has also been advising multiple start-ups over the years, helping dozens of companies obtain funding and, as an adviser for others, supporting them from creation all the way to succesful exit.

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Ian Jones

Ian found his love for the internet in 1996 when he went to Las Vegas, alone, at the tender age of 18 to meet up with his online friends. Whilst there he was introduced to Frontpage Express, a very old WYSIWYG editor. That was the point in which his career was set for him. A passion he never knew existed was born. Since then, he has worked for clients such as the BBC, LRQA and Lotus Cars. He was also one the main developers behind the very first real-time internet films called ‘Running time’ back in 1998. Since then he has worked his way up to a senior developer role, DEVOPS and manager, leading the way in mentoring junior developers, setting out development processes and becoming a certified PRINCE2 practitioner, to further his personal development. When the chance arose to join and help build an internet startup which was, at the time, known as ‘Method-in-a-Box’ (now Method Grid), Ian took the daring leap and left his current employer of eight years to join full-time.

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Tom Knights

Tom is the design force behind Method Grid. He started in the graphic design industry 20 years ago and has risen through the ranks from novice trainee to creative director to design agency owner, working on many big household brands over the past two decades.  Tom and the team have worked on many projects over the last few years, so when Dom floated the idea of Method Grid (or Method-in-a-Box as it was originally called), they quickly got down to expanding on the concept and its functionality, visualising all aspects and features and building the first working version. Tom welcomed the design challenge of creating a business app, along with its brand identity and imagery. Method Grid has come a long way since then, but the new challenges of designing and creating new features, new marketing campaigns, generating new content, and much more, keep on coming.

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Dom Moorhouse

Previously, Dom founded Moorhouse Consulting, a UK-based management consultancy, growing it from singleton start-up in 2004 to a c. £14m/annum revenue business at the time of handing over the MD reins in 2011. Moorhouse continues to thrive as one of the most respected business transformation companies in the UK, with c. 100 staff, serving multiple premier/global clients. Since stepping out of Moorhouse, Dom has advised numerous other professional service businesses on the scaling-to-value growth journey – he is the author of books on this topic, a non-executive board member for ascendant companies and delivers an annual training event for PS entrepreneurs. It was based on such “real world” experience – and the critical importance of systematic intellectual property development (and enabled knowledge management) – that Dom conceived the idea of Method Grid. Dom continues to oversee the (never-ending) development of the platform – enjoying as he does chatting to our fast-growing user community!

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Jody Van Vestraut

Jody is the lead front-end developer of the Method Grid application. Jody has a career in development and technology stretching back to 2000 when he started his career at NEC running service operations. Since then he has worked on web projects in numerous industries from legal IT to academic services that have all harnessed his front-end and technical marketing expertise. As well as front-end development, Jody takes a lead on our customer support and operations.

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