Building world class project delivery methods and playbooks


Join us for an informative and engaging GRIDtalk, where we delve into the nitty-gritty of constructing world-class project delivery methods and playbooks.

We will guide you through the process of designing robust frameworks, bridging the gap between project management theory and its practical application, and imparting essential skills to your team effectively.

Discover the ways to integrate learning, leverage AI, and chart out the future path for methodology and playbooks. Unveil a multitude of tips and insights drawn from real-life experiences, and embark on a journey to enhance your project delivery prowess.

Presentation Highlights:

Designing the Framework: Understanding the essential components for crafting a resilient, adaptable, and efficient project management framework.

Project Management Frameworks vs Project Delivery Methods: Exploring the interplay and differences between project management frameworks and delivery methods, and how they coalesce to ensure project success.

Translating Theory into Delivery: Concrete strategies to convert project management theory into actionable steps for employees, and fostering a culture of understanding and application.

Taking People on the Journey: Techniques to engage and guide your team through the transformation process, fostering buy-in and promoting active participation.

Hints and Tips (Lessons Learnt): Valuable takeaways drawn from past experiences, offering effective strategies and preventive measures to ensure smooth project execution.

Integrating Structured and On-Demand Learning: Ideas on blending formalized learning programs with flexible, on-demand learning opportunities to create a holistic, agile learning environment.

Leveraging AI & the Future for Methodology and Playbooks: A look at how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to improve project management, and the emerging trends in methodology and playbook design for the future.


Pip Morpeth Head of Professional Services, Method Grid
Alice Holden Senior Consultant, Method Grid

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