Lessons Learned 2.0​ - Industry Collaboration

Exploring a fundamental reinvention of the Lessons Learned discipline on major AEC projects (as enabled by machine learning).

In this GRIDtalk we will be exploring the discipline of lessons learned management, within the context of the AEC industry, and the timely opportunity for a fundamental reinvention of how related knowledge-management (KM) processes are now technologically-enabled.

We will examine why current practices (Lessons Learned 1.0) typically fail to deliver the theoretical learning benefits promised – before turning to a proposed overhaul (Lessons Learned 2.0) – as empowered by the major advances in natural language models/processing (NLM/P) in recent months.

The talk will outline the proposal for our latest industry research collaboration: Project LEAP (Lessons enabling advanced projects) – an opportunity for innovator tier one companies to join our c. 18-month prototype-development project.

This topic is the subject of our latest white paper – which the GRIDtalk will summarise; a draft of this paper is now out for professional community review.


Dom Moorhouse; CEO Method Grid
Marc North; Senior Developer Method Grid (Machine Learning Expert)

GRIDtalk: Lessons Learned 2.0 - Industry Collaboration •
30th November 1pm
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