Unveiling the Canvas, Principles, and Insights from Our White Paper


Join us for the first GRIDtalk of 2024 where we delve into the intricacies of the Capability Formula, a transformative approach that combines a well-structured Capability Canvas with key principles for sustainable organisational growth.

This session is designed to provide you with the insights and tools necessary to elevate your organisation’s capabilities to world-class standards.

Presentation Highlights:

Understanding the Capability Canvas
Explore the key building blocks that form the foundation of effective capability uplift. Learn how to assess, organise, and enhance each aspect of your organisation’s capabilities using the Capability Canvas.

The Seven Key Principles
Dive deep into the principles that ensure sustainable and incremental improvements in your capabilities. From fostering a growth mindset to ensuring repeatable habits, these principles are crucial for avoiding transient, transactional changes and embedding long-lasting growth.

Insights from the White Paper
Gain exclusive insights from our latest white paper on capability uplift. We will discuss practical strategies, common pitfalls, and success stories to guide you in implementing these concepts within your organisation.

Interactive Q&A Session
Have your questions answered by our experts. This interactive segment is designed to provide you with tailored advice and insights specific to your organisational challenges and goals.


Pip Morpeth, Head of Professional Services, Method Grid
Sam Bentley, Principal Consultant, Method Grid

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