Method Grid | 2023 Reflection and Look Ahead


This special edition of the GRIDtalk series sees our Strategic Account Manager Rachel Leary moderate a discussion between Method Grid’s Head of Professional Services Pip Morpeth and Chief Product Officer Jody Van Vestraut, reflecting on the key projects, product advancements, and lessons learned throughout the past year.

The team explores the Method Grid success stories from the past year, from improvements in the platform to successful projects and client success stories. They also touch on what to expect in the new year.

View today to gain insight into how you can improve your project delivery capabilities, reflect with us on what has been a great 2023 and get a sneak peak of what we have planned for 2024.


Rachel Leary, Host and Strategic Account Manager, Method Grid
Pip Morpeth, Head of Professional Services, Method Grid
Jody Van Vestraut, Chief Product Officer, Method Grid

Presentation Highlights:

Key Projects and Lessons Learned
Exploring some of the proud moments, client successes and lessons learned from our key projects. Hear first-hand from Pip and Jody about the impactful strides we’ve made in project delivery and assurance and learn how our clients have harnessed the power of Method Grid for their project management needs.

Product Showcase: Gantt, AI and more
Discussing the advancements in the Method Grid platform in 2023, including, Gantt, AI integration, and enhanced security. We’ll discuss the journey of our Gantt capabilities and take you through how integrating AI has transformed the way playbooks are built and help you be more productive in delivery.

A year of platform growth
Reflecting on the strides we’ve made in technical enhancements to support the massive year of growth at Method Grid.

Reflections on our Senior User Forums
The team will discuss our two Senior User Forum events from 2023, lessons learned and how sharing insights and connecting with industry professionals at these events has helped shape our direction.

The Method Grid team
Reflections on a year of growth for the Method Grid team, how the team has grown and the new faces that have joined this journey.

2024: What’s on the horizon?
Gain insights into our vision for 2024 as we integrate AI further into the platform, helping you be more productive in delivery and continue building out a world-class Gantt. Learn more about the upcoming Method Grid academy, upcoming improvements to our website and more.

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