Navigating the Sea of Change with Altus & Method Grid


Join us and our key partner in financial services consulting, Altus, as we delve into the critical subject of change management in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Intelligent Change Management Frameworks are crucial for effective change delivery. They should be flexible, adaptable, and data-driven, acting as scaffolding rather than a prescriptive guide. Organisations need to continually invest in these frameworks to stay robust in a volatile economy.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Dynamic Adaptability: The business landscape is rapidly changing, and organisations must adopt an “Intelligent Change Delivery Methodology” to stay ahead. This is not just a choice but a necessity to navigate the relentless pace of transformation effectively.
  • Challenges in Current Frameworks: Despite various modern approaches to change delivery, organisations still face challenges such as lack of clarity, resistance to change, and poor execution. Existing frameworks often lack the “intelligence” to adapt and are either too rigid or too complex.
  • Competitive Advantage through Intelligent Frameworks: Intelligent change delivery frameworks can adapt to market conditions, customer demands, and regulatory changes. They offer a competitive edge by enabling agile yet consistent change delivery through standardised capabilities.
  • Role of Technology and Data-Driven Insights: Advanced technologies and data-driven insights are integral to intelligent frameworks. For example, a Project Manager can leverage these frameworks to streamline migration projects, identify risks proactively, and monitor progress in real-time.
  • Future of Change Delivery with AI: Generative AI is set to revolutionise change delivery by offering AI-driven insights, risk identification, and personalized training. This will make the change delivery process more efficient and effective.

Pip Morpeth, Head of Professional Services, Method Grid
Jonathan Harris, Principal Programme Delivery Consultant, Altus
Steve Hawes, Programme Delivery Director, Altus

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