GRIDtalk: Assuring Delivery – Method Grid and managing residual risk

Join us for an insightful GRIDtalk where we’ll dive into using Method Grid to manage residual risks for project assurance. This month’s event will be hosted by Method Grid Principal Consultant Sam Bentley and we will be joined by Director of P3M Services at Step 5 Group, Edward Arrowsmith.

Learn how Method Grid facilitates a comprehensive approach to assurance, moving beyond traditional perceptions to embed value-add activities seamlessly into project management.

Discover Step5’s practical application of Method Grid with their clients, highlighting the platform’s impact on enhancing project outcomes and the transformative advantages of integrating the Method Grid solution. Gain actionable insights to elevate your project delivery and assurance strategies.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Delving into audit and assurance essentials: This segment will unpack the foundational elements and objectives of audit and assurance, shedding light on their critical role in project management and risk assessment. 
  • Step5’s practical application of Method Grid: Explore how Step5 integrates Method Grid into their workflow, using real-world examples to demonstrate how the platform enhances project assurance and client collaboration. 
  • Advantages of Method Grid versus traditional methods: Discussion on the tangible benefits of adopting Method Grid, including efficiency gains, improved accuracy in risk management, and enhanced project outcomes. 
  • A full capability approach to assurance: Learn about the comprehensive strategies employed by Step5 to ensure maximal value from using Method Grid, focusing on the processes and methodologies that lead to successful project delivery. 

GRIDtalk Assuring Delivery | Method Grid and managing residual risk | April 25th 1pm Register