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The User

LACE Partners is a boutique HR Consultancy, specialising in HR Transformation, HR Tech Selection and Tech Adoption – set up in 2014 by founders, Aaron Alburey and Cathy Acratopulo. They recognised that the modern workforce needed something different, so they combined their big four consultancy experience with a fresh approach to client delivery: empowering people through innovative technology.

They work with clients at every stage of their HR life-cycle, from Phase 0 pre-implementation to post go-live adoption support and are now multiple UK Business Award 2018 winners including “Best place to work”!

Transforming HR is the passion at LACE – it’s what they love to do. Sharing a belief that people hold the key to business performance, LACE have worked with multiple client HR teams to transform their capabilities and internal value proposition.



Their challenge

As a service delivery company, LACE’s approach to work is their fundamental difference. They’ve significantly grown as a company every year of their existence; enabling new employees to tap into the experience and knowledge of the wider LACE team is paramount to their continued success.

Historically, LACE’s corporate knowledge lived in proposals, delivery documents and tools scattered across their document management system. The question LACE leaders asked themselves was: how do we optimally find and store information in order to accelerate the delivery of current and future work. There were three inherent challenges to address: how to train people, how to leverage knowledge, and how to best capture IP to add shareholder value to the LACE business.

How Method Grid was used

LACE were able to use Method Grid as a shared knowledge base and process development tool – collaborating experience-based information from senior LACErs to capture efficient practices for clients and projects. This knowledge-based platform also enabled visualisation of internal processes, systemisations and procedures including recruitment strategies and event planning.

“LACE has used Method Grid for many processes including Tech Adoption, Organisational Design and Sales Processes to name a few. We document processes, steps, and our IP, and use the grids to collaborate and share our knowledge with our employees and associates.” CTO, Matt Watson describes, “This not only provides a great way to provide guided learning & development to our team, but also to ensure that we can bring the power of the sum of all our knowledge to any engagement alongside consistency and quality in our delivery.”

LACE have taken the view that Method Grid will underpin all their knowledge capital and so have asked their teams to include the creation of grids in their objectives in the year. Specialists and departments across LACE including Tech Adoption, Organisational Design, Sales Processes and the Research and Engagement team, have all used Method Grid to document their processes, steps, and systemisations to collaborate and share knowledge with their employees and wider circle of associates.

The Benefits

A key benefit to using a shared process development tool is that it’s a great way to form visuals of all the elements involved, motivating discussions to optimising the processes and reduced overlapping work. It’s helped finalising process systems the leadership team could create, review and (finally) agree on! All of which could not have been accomplished without the help of Method Grid’s user-friendly technology and flexible functionality.

Secondly, documenting information and simplifying their service methodologies (into stage-by-stage processes and elements) has helped make them easily understandable to all members of the LACE team.

Finally, LACE encourage innovation and the empowerment of their talented staff. In this vein, Method Grid has proven to be a great way for LACErs to document new ideas, to collaboratively support the continuous development of IP and, critically, to help quickly locate colleagues with relevant experience and ideas – matched to their current client delivery challenge.

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Not only has Method Grid completely changed the way we run projects. It has substantially added value to our organisation by capturing and allowing our teams to access what makes us fundamentally different.

Aaron Alburey / CEO

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