Capability Assessment

Our Capability Assessment service is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Referencing both established best-practice models and our proprietary IP, we create custom maturity assessments – as focused on your specific core capabilities and operational requirements – allowing us to co-examine the breadth, efficacy and maturity of each competence area (with peer referencing).

Common aspects include: P3M delivery, commercial management, product-to-market innovation and sales delivery. Our goal is to turn these insights into actionable strategies thus enhancing your competitive advantage. 

Typical Client Situation/Anxiety

Ambitious organisational leaders are invariably fixated on the question ‘How do maintain, improve, even potentially totally transform core capabilities – as necessary to thrive in the future?’.  In the context of such initiatives, a common situation is the need to accurately and independently assess the current “as is” situation – and – to define a viable “to be” target(s).

Only then can a sensible and realistic improvement or transformation roadmap be developed. Even in more ‘steady state’ position, such leaders seek also to regularly assess how their core capabilities compare to accepted industry standards and best-practice (peer) competitors. 

Our Approach

Our approach involves developing a customised assessment framework (and assessment/recommendation methodology) for each client – as configured against recognised industry maturity standards and as based on in-depth organisational analysis and peer benchmarking.  

Such engagements typically follow this approach: 

  • Discover: Customised Assessment Framework Development. We start by developing a unique assessment framework for each client, factoring in their distinct operational context and strategic objectives. 
  • Discover: In-Depth Analysis and Benchmarking. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the client’s capabilities, comparing them against industry standards and competitor/peer benchmark reviews.  
  • Design: Collaborative Engagement. We work closely with client teams, ensuring that the assessment process is inclusive, and that gathered (quantitative/qualitative) insights are grounded in real-world understanding. 
  • Design: Analysis and Strategic Recommendations. On conclusion, we provide detailed insights and actionable recommendations based on the assessment findings. 
  • Deliver: Road mapping for Improvement. This allows us to further outline a strategic plan with prioritised actions – as the basis for logical follow-on activity.  


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Proprietary Tools/Resources

We bring a suite of proprietary tools/resources to this service, including: 

  • Pre-Built Assessment Frameworks. We have a library of pre-built assessment frameworks (as based on our ‘Capability Canvas’ model) for common core capabilities: P3M, commercial management, sales process management etc.  
  • Experience-Based Insights: Our approach integrates deep industry knowledge and insights – as based on our multi-sector engagement history – thus enriching the assessment with contextual understanding (industry trends, peer benchmarks etc). 
  • Collaborative Assessment Platform: We deploy interactive tools to facilitate close working with client teams- thus ensuring assessments are inclusive and minimally intrusive. 
  • Road mapping. Our proprietary approach to creating detailed improvement plans with prioritised actions – as enabling of forwards capability enhancement/tasking. 

Typical Deliverables

The following deliverables will be produced in close collaboration with you: 

  • Customised Assessment Framework. This will be a key reference for all onwards assessment – with clear maturity categorisation for all tabled capability dimensions. 
  • Assessment Report: A rich report outlining the findings from the capability assessment – detailing strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. 
  • Benchmarking Analysis: This deliverable will compare a client’s current capability assessment with industry standards and selected peer competitors (with detailed underlying peer benchmark reports on request). 
  • Strategic Recommendations: Clear and actionable recommendations for enhancing capabilities – as aligned to your organisational goals. 
  • Implementation Roadmap (incl. Follow-Up Action Plan). A prioritised plan for moving into forward capability uplift – with suggested resource allocation and timelines. This will include corollary follow-up actions and an ongoing assessment method/regime.  


This service unlocks the following outcomes and benefits: 

  • Enhanced Strategic Alignment: Ensures capability development plans are fully aligned with business strategies and objectives, driving organisational efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Informed Decision-Making: Provision of deep insights and clear recommendations enabling leaders to make informed, strategic decisions/investments.  
  • Continuous Improvement Framework: Establishing a baseline (and target states) is the critical precursor to a focused capability improvement initiative – enabling leaders to initiate such work with confidence and clarity. 
  • Competitive Advantage Mindset: Ultimately, the outcomes engender a ‘how do we remain competitive’ mindset – as built on a clear understanding of an organisation’s current capabilities (relative to industry standards and peers/competitors). 
  • Resource Optimisation: Our reports will identify key areas for prioritised resource allocation and investment – all focused on maximising downstream impact and investment ROI. 
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Method Grid has enabled my busy project office team to move from disparate individual systems to a consistent one-team, fully auditable assurance of all estate works at the university. This is improving project oversight which, in turn, is starting to build confidence and trust in reliably delivered projects.

Director, Major Estates Capital Project Office, Oxford Brookes University

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