How Mace is transforming the way it assures major projects and programmes


Event Description

Our GRIDtalk series is tailored for executive participation – as a forum for the sharing of best-practice on the topic of P3M connected assurance. In these sessions, we learn from experienced industry leaders overseeing complex delivery portfolios.

At this event, we explored how Mace’s Control Centre, and their underlying PDMS (project delivery management system), brings strategic assurance (challenge-and-support) services to its major end-client delivery programmes.

Presentation Highlights

  • How Mace organises itself for major P3M assurance (Control Centre and Practice Areas)
  • Refreshing Mace’s assurance framework – PDMS development
  • Mace’s project and programme complexity/sizing model
  • From pilot to roll-out – the capability uplift journey


Alex White, Formerly Mace Group Quality Director – now Services Excellence Director
Dom Moorhouse, CEO Method Grid
Alice Holden, Senior Consultant Method Grid

GRIDtalk Assuring Delivery | Method Grid and managing residual risk | April 25th 1pm Register